Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Until Next July

Cuddles Really Loves His Lion

The Tour is over and my life is slowly returning to normal. Tomorrow I'm going for a ride, and I'm a bit excited because I do believe I finally found a magic helmet to fit my teeny tiny head. I got a Lazer Genesis off Ebay from nonstopciclismo.com . Thumbs up for those guys, in stock, got it in 2 days, and they had a ton of decent gear. Check 'em out, this was not a paid advertisement, I just enjoy good service. Back to business. In this post I am just going to tell you what I thought made for good tour watchin.

Tommy's tongue, pre-yellow jersey, was quite the sight. I stick my tongue out when I'm concentrating on tasks at hand, I get it from my Mom. But never while riding, so I tried it this weekend. I was sprinting uphill toward the house with my hubby and decided to stick my tongue out. You know what, I won the sprint, only because hubby was laughing too hard. Said I looked like a fish out of water. Despite that I believe it brings in more oxygen, so I'm going to keep it in my arsenal.
Good job Cav, although I am a bit bummed he didn't cross the line with sparklers on his shoes and pulling a Superman across the finish line. He is definitely the best sprinter (with team assist) on the Tour and he deserves the green jersey. His interviews were more mature than in the past, I kind of miss those days.
Poor Schlecks, what happened? I knew when Cadel was staying along with them on the climbs that they had no chance. They need to gain a bit of weight and work on time trialling, go to the gym this winter, get some sort of leg muscles. That's my opinion, but you just wait until this winter, the media will show them working out in the gym and discussing TT tactics with Fabian while they all do thrust squats. Then you'll think back to this summer and say " hey, that Freebird Velo chick was right, holy shit!"

Jeremy Roy, what can you say about this guy. Announcers were throwing around the word 'PANACHE' a lot this tour, but he needs his picture in the dictionary next to the definition. It seemed like he was in every breakaway. He had no chance on the stage against Thor, believe me I tried to send him a mojo power boost using my mind powers it didn't work. The kid rode his heart out and it showed when he crossed the finish line, he looked like he was apologizing to the entire country of France.

We now come down to my team, Garmin-Cervelo. I made the call, they won TTT, Tyler finally won in France, Thor brought them yellow, and they won Team. Quite a tour indeed. But as you can tell from this rest day photo there might of been some separation between old Garmin riders and Thor. He was off at another table with non-riders. Apparently Jonathon Vaughters couldn't quite pay Thor all the money he promised him, especially after he won the World championship, prices go up with those stripes. I liked this team from the their conception, they were like the Bad News Bears of the cycling world. Just a bunch of quirky guys riding their bikes trying to win a stage. Thor never really fit in with them, he's too European, and they're too goofy. So we'll see what next year will bring them without Thor. By the way, they are not eating regulation size Chipoltle burritos in the photo, those are smaller than stateside burritos. I wish they were that size.

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