Sunday, April 29, 2012

The End of 30 Days

The end of my 30 Days of Biking experience

I have failed and the sad thing is it's not bothering me. I did not officially complete 30 Days of Biking, but you know what, I've never felt stronger in the saddle, and that's why I'm cool with it. I rode 21 days straight, but last week I put some time in helping Hubby at work and lost focus. Bless you amazing people for keeping a 9-5 job, plus being able to put the miles in during the week. Time management was never a strong suit of mine.
Part 1 of favorite road in Redlands.
You can hit 35 mph pretty quick,
plus it's twisty.

Monday is the 30th so I need to make it count, I'm feeling a nice long early morning ride, followed by a big ass cinnamon roll. I've laid some pretty good ground work this month and I'm looking forward to some real riding in May. Plus I hope to be at the last three stages of the Amgen Tour of California so make sure and check back. 
Part 2 of Favorite road in Redlands.
And not just because there's avocados
on the side of the road. 
Finally had some company. Hubby joined
me on a quick jaunt out to the airport and back.

This was parked towards the top of a 20 degree hill.
It was worth it.

I'm a sucker for a good plaque. 
It was hot and there were breaks.
 I only brought one water bottle which
reached bath water temperature
within 20 minutes.

Beautiful things with too many bees.
Had a risqué encounter with a bee later on.
It involved him stinging my back and me
giving a strip show on side of road.
Another perk of riding with Hubby is stupid
photo ops. I have to choose them wisely though.

Hands down my favorite tree in Redlands.
Well, favorite oak, next week I'll share my favorite pine.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Week 2

Week two of 30 Days of Biking is done and my booty made it into the saddle everyday. I am happy to say this thing may actually be helping my fitness. How come I always sing that one Fergie song when I say 'fitness?' Oh yeah, Fergalicious. I had to watch that video, now I have severe depression cause my abs are only 2 packs.
Well, like I said in my last blog I feel super strong, like She-Ra strong. There was a mix of sun and rain this week, and the raindrops did not dampen my spirits. Beginning of the week started off with a dipshit move: fell over at a 4 way stop full of cars. I got off balance waiting for an old lady to take her turn. Ended up with a swollen knee and a pretty scab. Rest of the week was uneventful, but so much fun. I'm wondering how much more enjoyable rides can get, my head's gonna explode.
Monday's Beautiful.
The official Portland cap,but actually from Seattle.
It produces precipitation whenever I wear it.
Wednesday was slippery, check out how
shiny these babies are.
Took an easy day, think I called this a
boozy cruisey before dinner.

Cute gate to nowhere.
Another wet day, and not matching at all.

Yep, that's my hiney, got sick of taking photos
from overhead and sideways.
I just want to get home, it's pasta time.
Is artsy fartsy, no?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Time is T-shirt Time!

Oh, the screen printing elves are working their bums off. I try and not push them too hard, I give them espresso breaks and let them snack on all the Swedish Fish they want. I'd say I'm a pretty nice employer, no one's quit yet.
So spring is here, Yea! That means no more knee warmers. Tan lines, shorn legs, and salty jerseys are de rigueur, at least in my neck of the woods. I know I'm loving it, well until the end of last week, Mother Nature decided to turn back the calendar to February. Crazy bitch. To show her who's boss I decided to bring back the 'Real women love shaved legs' tee. And that's not all my little lieblings, I've got a few more new designs coming down the line. I'll be having some sneak previews this week so keep checking back with this wonderful blog, my Etsy shop, and my twitter thingy majingy. You can find all these addresses over to the right.
By the way, has anybody else been riding stronger lately. I feel like I've been bitten by a radioactive race horse. Super powers abound, plus I've been craving carrots and salt licks. Well, that's all, hope you had a good week riding, keep the rubber side down.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 1 of 30 Days of Biking

First week of 30 Days of Biking is in the books. It was a week filled of new roads and challenges (how do you pack 3 tomato plants on a bike?). I finally got to visit at the little store I always pass on my lunch ride. I stopped a lot more too, whether it was to pet random cats, calling goats over to me or looking at/picking up random road debris (peacock feather, 2 $1 bills, avocado). I laughed a lot more too, which seems impossible. During my Saturday ride I wondered if a ride could be any more fun, if it was indeed possible I think it would be considered illegal. I have to say I'm really enjoying it, but we'll see what I say after next week. Increased saddle time and more time climbing. Onwards and upwards darlings. So here without further ado is my cycling week in a nutshell, enjoy:
April 1, neighborhood adventure
April 2, 1st real ride after 3 weeks of cold from Hell
April 3, running errands and picking up heirloom tomatoes
Good 'ol Mabel pulling duty as tomato hauler
April 4, highlight of ride: heard a peacock. Yeah, not too
much happened today.
That's one tough-ass poppy plant.
April 5, ran down to get lunch and stop by our LBS.
We have a very dedicated mechanic, and it's not even finished.

April 6, best ride of the week...
and not because Ms. Kinky let me pet her.
April 7, too much coffee at brunch and pseudo Belgian waffles
made me opt for a short tour of the neighborhood.
But I did get a glimpse of this little lady. Photo does not
do her color justice, she looked like a sophisticated june bug.