Monday, May 30, 2011

Thank You Signor Zomegnan

I know where you can shove your little Pistolero A.C.

Thank you Signor Zomegnan for bringing the world such a fucked up Giro. I understand you want to make it exciting and that you had to please all the bureaucrats in Italy because of the 150 year anniversary, but good lord, pull your head out of your ass. There is a reason why most of the big names didn't show up to your dog and pony show. With a tour like yours they're lucky if they can even be on form to make it to the Vuelta. And by the way, last years Vuelta blew the Giro away. Why do you ask?- It was challenging but not freak show challenging. Yes it was hot in the begining, but it was not the frickin Bataan Death March. It had a good list of riders, it had sprint stages, what a concept, and the race for first place was kept close enough to be interesting. It's not the 1920's for crap's sake. So, because of these factors it was a great 3 weeks of racing which welcomed the viewers in and kept them interested. But you know what made it such a great race? NO CUNTADOR! Yes I'm going to spell it like that for the rest of my life. Or until the bastard retires, what am I saying, I'll always call him that.

Why did Cuntador have such a big lead? No one was there to challenge him. Nibali wasn't on form and Scarponi would have to have the tour of his life to even have a chance against him. I also mentioned in past posts that it's a pussy move to give a win to someone. It's like Cuntador is the Lord of Cycling, he blesses lesser riders with stage wins. Okay, I've calmed down. If Christian Prudhomme had any sense he would find a way to prohibit Cuntador from racing in the Tour. Save your ass now Prudhomme. If not maybe he could hire the Cinzano team from Breaking Away to join little Al on a training ride. "Whoops! my frame pump slipped out of my hands, darn gel." I don't want him dead by any means, just something that'll give him a little vacation, at least until September.

Maybe I'm just turning French in my old age. I enjoy seeing people suffer. I like seeing the under-dog come up for a win once in awhile. Why do you think the French public welcomed Lance back in 2009? He sucked, that's why, he was human. We all suffer. Unfortunately Cuntador has now put himself in Lances pre-comeback shoes. He can keep telling himself that people love him and support him but that's what crazy people tell themselves before they start hanging 9x12 foot tall self portraits of themselves over their bed. Domination does nothing for the human spirit, if anything it brings it down. I believe the best stage of the Giro was when Kiryienka won for Movistar in stage 20. It was the one stage I actually watched without fast forwarding. I finally got some feeling back in my heart when I watched him cross the finish line and point skyward in honor of Javier Tondo. Thank you for lasting this long. I promise to calm down by the next post.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Show and Tell

Before I get to Saturday show and tell I need to share the absolute pleasure I got checking my email yesterday: I let out a squeal/dance (which looked and sounded like Snoopy) and with spastic little fingers I clicked the link and enjoyed an 18 minute cycling vacation. I'm a cycling romantic because I can't race, I could maybe, I just enjoy doing my own thing at my own speed. I don't think you can pull over and take pictures of cows or pick up random crap from the road during a crit. Those who can't watch.


Constipated Cat
Found this little guy in the road while riding,
unfortunately for me we found his owners.
I fell in love with him in 1 minute.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Family on Wheels

It was a shocker yesterday hearing about Javier Tondo. I was saddened when I saw photos that reminded me just who he was. It was Paris-Nice last year, stage 6. Watching it on TV I remember not wanting him to win for some reason, probably one of my picks was closing in on him or something that usually leads me to yell at the TV. When he got closer to the finish line and I knew he was going to win, and he knew he was going to win, well, that's when I started rooting for him. His win was so genuine and pure, I loved it. It reminded me of H. Haussler's TdF stage win. When I saw him on the podium, he was a bit goofy looking, but something about him made you like him. Thoughts and prayers go out.

The cycling community has lost 2 amazing guys this month. I can't imagine how the pro peloton is taking loosing another rider. They're like a family on wheels, but on a larger scale, we're all like a family. As cyclists we share a passion, we're not all on the same ability level, but we all love getting our ass in the saddle, whether it's with our friends or an early morning solo. It's not like we love putting on Lycra (maybe some do), wasting cash on carbon, and for the men, shaving legs. We take part in these crack pot behaviors because it's part of the cycling lifestyle, but to be honest, riding a bike is fun, plain and simple. Unfortunately when we loose a professional or local club rider, it hurts. It hurts because we're all just that big family on wheels.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Rapture Stage

Well I made it to the start line of stage 7 TOC. I mentioned in an earlier post I might try to get up the legs to climb up to at least Baldy Village but some things are better left to another day and fresher legs. Trust me you'll see it on here when I get the urge to tackle it.

Here is a collection of images from this morning. I only got halfway down the line of buses because I saw the Trek-Leopard bus, which paid off because I got to see Andy Schleck. I also stopped by the HTC bus and caught sight of Bernie Eisel but missed my chance to have my picture with him, ya snooze ya loose. Instead I got some gratuitous shots of him stretching before lining up, I didn't feel like a dirty 'ol cougar, nope, not at all.

Bernie E., no Comment. I'll get in trouble no matter what
Taylor Phinney
Happy Slave Driving Jelly Bean
The Bissell Stable
Oh, oh it's Oreo time

Friday, May 20, 2011

Race Rage

Is it me or is the Giro becoming more boring by the day. I just finished watching stage 13, Grossglockner, the first real big mountain stage. But my initial excitement was deflated on Mt. Etna, I was cursing at the TV, which is a usual occurrence during races, when Cuntador took off and no one could stay on his wheel except little Rujano. And today's stage was a total replay. What made it worse, and I'm going to sound like Cippolini here, Cuntador is a pussy, don't give that guy the stage, if he can beat you make him work for it, you're not winning anyone over by playing the gentleman rider. Meanwhile every other GC contender on the hill looked like their brakes were dragging. I'm upset because Cuntador is turning this tour into a boring, one way, uneventful race, and what's worse is, he's not going to hold his title after he's convicted. So at best, the real tour is between all the riders who are 1-2 minutes behind him. I can't follow a race that way, UCI need to get their heads out of their asses. Make some rules that actually make sense. There is no reason why he should be racing now, look at what happened to Valverde. All his titles for last year were stripped and the real winners didn't get their true rewards. Now that the sprint stages are done, breakaways and the beautiful scenery of Italy are the only thing the Giro has going for it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Itsa Italian Import Time


Good on you Cav. I know I've written in the past about Cavendish being a total pussy, but I'm starting to take a shine to the kid. He's not all that bad actually, like I've mentioned before the peloton needs characters like him just like we need Cancellara's and Millar's. Let's just say I was on the edge of the couch again looking like a jockey riding down the home stretch when Cav was on Petacchi's wheel, brilliant. That's karma for ya.

After the heartbreak last week at the Giro I thought it was a good time to finally buy my Madonna Del Ghisallo medal. We all need a little help when out on the open road, hopefully she'll watch over me even though I don't go to mass. I've been wearing it since last night and my neck didn't turn green so good news there. Sorry for the stock photo, I had two glasses of wine with my homemade mac & cheese tonight and I'm feeling a bit loopy, so no real pictures.
Went to Costco with my mom today and we both yelled "Mamma Mia!" in unison when we saw they had Superga shoes. I know the UK has them for sale on every corner, but we have to go to specialty shops to find them. Don't judge me for buying shoes at Costco. I got a white pair by the way.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Don't Hate Me Cause I Suck Wheels

Becky has a word for him,"WHEELSUCKER."

Riding this weekend in Southern California was moist, at least in the mornings. An unreasonable-unseasonable low pressure system has made for wet roads and wet socks too. Went riding Saturday and Sunday with Hubby and he enjoyed the taste of my rear wheel for quite a bit. In the shot above he let up a bit because he knew I was taking a picture. Don't let him fool you. I made myself laugh pretty hard on a semi tough short climb, unfortunately I can't remember what I said to myself. Yes, when I get hungry I get a bit punchy and start talking to myself and I tend to laugh at anything and everything. So maybe it was lame and it's better if I did forget.
Unfortunately on Sunday the Lake Tahoe stage of Tour of California had to be cancelled due to a freaky late season snow. I'm really bummed because I love Tahoe and I think it is one of the most beautiful places in California. I'm also bummed because I made sure I washed the bikes after our ride and got my soup and brownie from Panera so I could watch the tour and enjoy my late lunch. Instead I watched the Tour preview show again. I would love to do the ride around Tahoe in September, sounds like a good birthday present. Hint, hint, hubby, hubby.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekend Show and Tell

Lincoln GP 2011 - Rapha Condor Sharp - Chasing the Team from Condor Cycles on Vimeo.

I caught this movie over on Bianchista. I love all things England and I'm not just kissing hiney. After watching the pink hoopla of the Giro it's nice to watch a small homey feeling race. So if you have an extra 8 minutes this weekend, take a peeky.

With the unexpected, unfortunate passing of Wouter Weylandt, Team Leopard-Trek has set up a fund for his family. And over on Stomach Full of Anger I found this shirt that honors Wouter and donates all proceeds to his charity, I ordered mine, get yours.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Wouter Weylandt

Absolutely shocking. Thought and prayers go out to Wouter's family, friends, and teammates. I read on Velonews that his girlfriend is expecting their first child in September, truly heartbreaking.

As for the television coverage I can't explain the feeling I got watching the live footage. What was the camera man thinking, what was the editing room thinking? In a moment like that when you come upon that scenario, use some common sense. It made me sick to my stomach all morning, not too mention worrying about who it was and if their family was watching. I pray they weren't watching.

Friday, May 6, 2011

That Other Race In May

Yes, there is another race that takes place in May, and for those who fear the color pink and masochistic mountain stages this one might be more your flavor. It also takes place in my native land, the Republic of California. One stage is actually 1/2 an hour away so I'm debating- linger and stalk riders in the staging area or actually put in some effort and climb part of the stage. Unfortunately it's not a sprinters stage. It's the much talked about Mt. Baldy mountain stage. A real mountain top finish, not like last year's Big Bear finish where it pussed out in the end. I actually went to that one but all I saw was a blur of neon green (Peter Sagan) whiz by and helicopters hovering above. No the Baldy stage is pretty promising, besides, there's family history on that mountain. My great grandma was the principal and teacher at the little school in the village and my great aunt's family used to own the trout farm. I have a couple weeks to decide, stay tuned.

I'm pretty damn lucky to live were I live, that's all I have to say. Beautiful coastlines, mountains, um desert? (I can take that one or leave it) and quiet country roads if you look hard enough. Next time you hear me complain about California, give me a slap. Not too hard, and not in the face, that's how I makes my livin's.
I haven't posted lately because the Rapha Continental put out their Tour of California movies. Love 'em. They covered four stages of the tour and shared their adventures with us by way of photos, video, and words. It's really worth a peek. Upon reading I'm happy to find out that I'm not the only one in the world who stops and picks up random objects while out riding about. Cole Maness (the mustachioed man) picks flowers, collects feathers, and who knows what else while riding. I bet he's never found a perfect avocado, yeah he probably has.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011



World famous CAT 3 rider, HENRY HANK VALENZUELA III has a saying- SUFFER IN SILENCE. I believe these are pretty good words to live by, and sometimes I should heed them myself, but all in all, I'm a pretty tough bitch. I don't like to hear others complain and don't get me started on moaners and grunters. I made him a tee and it started out as a one of a kind but now it's about to go international and quite possibly another color. We'll see what comes of it. Keep an eye out for it at my shop on or just click on my shop button to the right. Should be up by the weekend.
I mentioned before I was going to get a set of pink brake hoods in honor of the Giro. Well, I found a pair of pink Hüdz 1/2 off, which made them a little easier to buy. Not the best color combos but it's only for a month. Taking off the original Campy ones were a pain. Now I need white bar tape because Becky says:


On my ride today I felt like a cave woman, I was a gatherer, look at the goodies I found. Everyone knows fruit can't be considered stolen if its just one or two.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Giro Countdown

It's May, time for the Giro. I'm celebrating by putting on pink brake hoods, but they're only staying on there for the month. I don't want to be one of THOSE women. Besides, I don't think they're going to look to hot, photos to come.

Rapha California from RAPHA on Vimeo.

Another big thing for the month of May is the opening of the Rapha Cycle Club in San Fransisco. There has never been a better excuse to head North than to visit my wallet's mortal enemy- Rapha. Love them.

Speaking of the Giro and Italy, I just discovered Capo's new Spring/Summer line up. And looky what I found- a celeste colored kit. I need a new swimsuit but this kit takes precedence over that for sure.