Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cuddles Did It!

The Tour still has one more day left but I am already suffering from withdrawls. Oh, I'm so sad for Andy, but my official podium picks were correct, the little ol' crying koala bear did it so I'm sorry to say, no free t-shirts for those of you who read the Final Picks post. But you can still purchase Freebird Velo tees, see them here. Get 'em while there hot.

Cheeky cuddles, he knew the whole time

I will do my final Tour analysis (I couldn't write that without giggling, who am I to analyze?) in the next entry so keep an eye out. You might of read in earlier entries that I've been doing the Aquaphor Le Tour Challenge. Well I finally figured out how to read the standings and I am 61 out of 290 or something other female riders. One more day of riding to move up in standings but I don't see myself going anywhere near top ten. I blame that on my not entering the first 2 days of the tour and the two day absence because of traveling and because my Sunday entry was counted as Monday, which is a rest day. I'm not saying anything, but next year, it's on, my stomach is full of Gummi Bears, and I will seek my revenge.

On my ride this week I finally spotted the Mythical Peacock of Smiley Heights. I have spent two years riding through Smiley Heights hearing it caw, or whatever you want to call the sound they make, but I've never laid eyes on one, until this week. Strutting across someones front lawn. It's the little things on your ride that make them special to you. Whether it's spotting a random animal, cresting your local hill with some breath left to spare, or just riding for hours and finding yourself laughing at the end of your ride, even though you should be collapsed in a heap in the middle of your living room. I love riding, I hope you do too.

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