Monday, July 18, 2011

Rest Day part Deux

Rest day number two is here and boy, my podium picks suck. So now I give you my new final podium picks. If I am at all wrong- the first person to send me a message reminding me that my picks were absurd, after, and only after the official final sprint on the Champs this Sunday, you will receive a FREE FREEBIRD VELO T-SHIRT. But If I'm correct you're all S.O.L. So without further ado:

1. Cadel Evans
2. Andy Schleck
3.Frank Schleck

The Brothers Schleck

I don't know if anyone else is doing the Aquaphor Le Tour Challenge, but I am. I threw a hissy fit Thursday because I couldn't take my bike to Lake Tahoe. I was ranked 80 on Thursday night but I fell to 240 on Sunday night. Looks like nothing but +30 milers and at least 1,000 feet of climbing for each ride this week until next weekend. It's funny looking at everybody's rides (at least the women's) on the competitors list because they'll ride 40 miles and gain 64 feet of elevation. And I really felt bad for them, like they were some kind of prisoner locked up over seas. You need some hills in your life or else you loose your will to live. When I'm not watching the tour I'm entering contests, you know the ones they show during the tour. Wether it's word of the day or Fantasy Cycling challenge, which I have given up on because almost all of my 15 riders have abandoned. I want to win at least a water bottle, give me a little something for my wasted time. Four years straight of entering codes and picking riders. I want a water bottle Damn it!

My top pick this week for Bravest Little Rider goes to Laurens Ten Dam. Now I've gotten bloody noses before while riding and have sacrificed my gloves to stop the bleeding, but he looks likes he's been in battle, in the trenches, like Bingo Crepuscule. Soldier on Laurens.

''made ya look!"


  1. Those look like good podium pics, but I gotta say, Thor de France. Love to see sprinters win mountain stages, especially Thor. Didn't they make a movie about him?

  2. Tour de Norge for sure, both Thor and Edvald making Norway proud.