Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bee Sting Club

I went for a ride early this morning and was rudely welcomed to the FACIAL BEE STING WHILE RIDING CLUB. The bugger got stuck under my glasses while descending, I heard him buzzing, then I felt his little body and legs, then it sounded like he was panicking because his buzzing sped up, that's when he stung me. That's also when I was going around a corner at full speed cursing like a dirty old sailor. At first I was pissed, then I felt bad for him. Then I got pissed again because I always help bees out of the pool when they get stuck in the water, and when they fly around me I leave them alone, I don't swish at them. So in the the end I chalked it up to bee-ing at the wrong place at the wrong time. Sorry, I couldn't help it.
Apparently other riders during this year's tour have had run ins with bees, or their big-ass cousins, wasps. Frank Schleck was stung in the mouth and then swallowed a bee/wasp during the TTT. He said he couldn't taste which one it was.
Old Jensy got stung by a bee under his helmet chin strap. Luckily nobody was allergic which could of been bad. Not like Jonathan Vaughters in 2001 who was allergic and had to abandoned because he had to take a cortisone shot which would of shown up as a positive test result. I think he looks like Sloth from The Goonies.

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