Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bike Shop of the Week

Bike shop of the week goes to Laguna Beach's very own Laguna Cyclery.

I've been going here for a few years and the ambiance of the shop is what makes it so appealing. Set in what appears to be an old house is actually a treasure trove of bicycle goodness. Rafters full of hanging road and MTB frames, plus a few vintage bikes Everything is close and comfy on the floor but it's not phobia inducing. They carry Assos, Wilier Triestina, Bianchi, Ibis Mtn bikes, and lotsa other quality merchandise.
Laguna has some pretty respectable trails so Mtn bike gear is equally represented among the road. Just take a look at their site above. I came this close to buying a pair of Assos bibs there last year. They were even going to give me a deal, and I didn't do it. I'm regretting that decision now. When in doubt fork it out, cause it sucks being cheap.
So if you're ever in Southern California and want a nice diversion from the sun and sillycone head on down.

Laguna Cyclery
240 Thalia St.
Laguna Beach, CA

ch CA 92651240 Thalia Beach CA 92651

Sunday, February 19, 2012

What the Road had in Store for Me

Well, I did it. I've been planning to ride up to Oak Glen to see some friggin goats for about a year, and I finally did it. I don't know the goats personally but they just happened to be at a good turn around point. And honestly I wondered why I hadn't done it sooner. It was mainly 8-10% for 3 miles (maybe?) so that's why I probably put it off. Apprehension, my evil nemesis and his evil henchman-Procrastination have stopped me from tackling this little climb. Yes, the last mile or so I had to stop about 5 times because the breathing, she was a problem. But now that I know I can crack the bottom half of the climb I'm aiming for the big petting zoo about a mile or so up the road. Setting my sights on the llamas and deer. After I visited the goats I got to drop into a super cruisy section that I've only driven but have envisioned riding it many times. I have to say it felt goood. It would of been even better if my fingers weren't frozen nubbins. So that was Sundays adventure, I say adventure a lot but this one actually was. I think we need rides like this to keep us coming back. Facing unknowns keep our rides fresh.
This was in front of a park.
A new way to keep the pervies out of the bathrooms?

Don't need to worry about that.
The goats that made me climb.
I call this one Bertha.
Cause it looked like she was
about to give birth'a.
Part of that cruisy woo-hoo! inducing section.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thoughts from the Saddle

I am slowly getting to know my IPhone. I just discovered it had a voice memo thingy, which made my day because the creativity synapses can really fire while riding but once I stop pedaling forget it. Literally, I forget everything. All interesting, funny, witty thoughts leave the cranium once I remove my booty from the saddle. So thanks to this little device I can now record all those ideas, random words, lines from movies and TV shows, songs, inner monologues while on the bike.

Here's a selection of thoughts/ideas that came and went through my head on a 1.5 hour ride, which was after an hour long gym session, so I was feeling a bit bonkish. Here you go:

- Whoa Mama!

- Whose idea was this?

- Wonky snot

- I got a big ass (Objects in shadows appear larger than they actually are, I hope!)

- I'm f***ing starving! I want some french toast!

- Why did I do quads? Oh yeah Selene Yeager told me to. (Maybe it was Chris Carmichael?)

- Do other people have this much snot?

- Cheek to cheek (Sang while standing up + climbing)

I almost ran over a quail.

Instead of flying out of harms way he chose to speed walk off the road. This scenario scared me and made me think what I would do if I killed our state bird or any other living creature for that matter. Would I bury them on the spot, digging a shallow grave with my mini pump, leaving a roadside marker letting others know of the tragedy that had taken place there, leaving flowers each time I ride by, or would I just leave the carcass there for the coyotes. I could hear Louise from Bob's Burgers yelling "MURDERER!" in the back of my mind (just like in the video). This led me to reminiscing about past episodes of Bob's Burger's for 5 minutes until I became transfixed on something shiny off in the distance.

I wondered why an internal speaker system hadn't been invented for handlebars.

You know something light weight you could hook up to a little Ipod Shuffle. Then I thought how fun it would be if your jam came on then you could stop by the side of the road and just dance. Sadly my dance skills are a cross between Rodney's (above) and Biggie Shorty (from Pooty Tang). Sad for me, entertaining for anyone in range of sight. This thought lasted until I saw an avocado tree. I love avocados but not as much as pineapples.

There you go, sometimes my thoughts are more on the intelligent side, apparently not so this ride, so don't judge, like I said before I was a bit bonkish.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Van Envy

Drool Worthy
I love VANS. Always have always will. I know they get a bad rap, but when you think of it, they are probably the funnest vehicle on the road, and so useful. Are you stuck without a roof over your head for the night, no problem, you got a van. Do you have to pick up a years supply of Dr. Pepper from Costco, no problem, you got a van. Can't decide to take your Mtn bike or road bike to Mammoth this summer, no problem, load those puppies up. Yep, vans are pretty much the most perfect vehicle ever created.Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about mini vans or conversion vans. For me, all years of VW camper vans (Westfalia and Eurovans) are top of the heap, 50's and 60's dodge vans are a close second, but too rare for proper use. I'd feel guilty using it. But pretty much any little camper van will do.

I've had a sick obsession with them since I was little. I grew up camping in big RV's with the family and that's probably where it started, but I wanted my own ride. Something smaller, something just for me and my stuffed animal collection. Well, nowadays it would be for me and my Hubby and pups. There's something about the coziness and ease of a van that draw me to them. My love for them has never dwindled, every time I see one on the road my eyes are locked, daydreaming that it's mine and I'm on my way to some magical destination, like Dollywood or Portland. I remember I freaked my Mom out when I was in college. I was questioning her about motor homes, government, and how can they find you if you don't have a mailbox. She probably heaved a sigh of relief when I got married years later.

These vans will not be shown. I deem them unworthy.
Although the bottom one has potential.

So if you come back to the Blog expect to see a random picture or two of vans, as seen on the road or Internet. Just a warning, there will be no conversion vans, only camp worthy vans here. The older the better, but I'm not above showing Mercedes Benz sprinters.