Monday, July 11, 2011

Rest Day Recap

How the Yellow Jersey Spends a Rest Day

By now everyone has seen and read about the horrific crashes that have plagued the Tour thus far. Hopefully the peloton will get in some relaxey time today and come back to the race tomorrow a little more loose and less twitchy. Easy to say sitting behind a Mac riding my piddley miles while they're riding across vast expanses of French Countryside.

My heart broke yesterday when I saw Johnny Hoogerland crash into the barbed-wire fence yesterday. But it was warmed when I saw him cross the finish line and except the KOM jersey. I won't show pictures of the crash because we've seen enough of it and I know I would feel embarrassed if my lacerated bum was being plastered all over the Internet. So instead I'll show Johnny spending the rest day with his Dad.

Hoogerland on rest Day
We watch races and we see riders pass through beautiful scenery and eager spectators. The peloton sometimes seems like one giant mass rolling down the road, we don't see individuals. But in that peloton are fathers, sons, boyfriends, brothers and friends. We only tend to realize this when we see crashes. I know whenever a crash occurs my stomach drops, it only returns to its normal placement when everyone has sat up and is mobile. I wonder if their Moms or Dads are watching. I know I heard Chris Horner in an interview say that his Mom texted him to ride careful, and that was the morning before his crash. This tour has sent my belly on a roller coaster ride. I'm relieved that everyone who has crashed and abandoned is able to see another day, but I can't imagine the disappointment they feel getting into the back of the ambulance or team car. Recover, relax and get back in the saddle.
A good sign:
Chris Horner recovering earlier this week with McDonald's, although
I know he would of rather had an In-n-Out Double Double

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