Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Predictions Thus Far

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Oh my! little Old Lady Wilson knows her shit. If you you're wondering what I'm talking about take a peek at my last entry. Okay, I was off on the percentage of Spanish to French riders in the breakaways, and maybe about not having Cadel on the podium, we'll see, I hope I'm wrong. Go Cuddles!

I would put nothing but Gummi Bears and Vanilla GU in my musette
(I guess that's why I'm the rider I am)

Look at my little team though. Team Garmin-Cervelo must of read my words because they were spot on. TTT winners, Tyler takes his first win, and as of right now, I think they are still top team. I didn't see the yellow jersey for 4 days though, yay Thor. Time will tell how they'll do 1 or 2 weeks from now.
New Prediction: Ryder will take over the business end once they get into the mountains.

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