Monday, May 19, 2014

ATOC Stage 6 Pics Part Deux

Well, here's the rest of the pictures from Stage 6, 
Amgen Tour of California.

King and Queen of the Mountain.

Taylor P.

So Pro Tan Lines.

Petey Sagan and Mr. I Am Ted King leading the grupetto up the final climb. 2 more kms boys.

Leftovers. I just liked the fact that the Giant rider is smiling for the camera.

Day is done for some.

Souvenir from...I believe Christian Knees? I could be wrong, just saw the German arm bands.

Teams coming back down the climb, packing up and getting ready for trip back to
lovely downtown Santa Clarita.

Too many things make me angry when looking at these, but I still love em;
1. the Belkin/Bianchi color scheme is a NO! Should be matte black with the Bianchi logos,
 and tiny hints of Belkin green.
2. ShimaNO on a Bianchi!? Mamma mia, it make'a me so sad. 

Au Revoir ATOC, until next year!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pictures From the Side of a Mountain, Part One

Skratch Labs setting up shop a little less than 1 km from the finish.

The Amgen Tour of California made it's way to within a half hour of my home, so of course I had to go spectate, and take in the sights and sounds that are professional bike racing.
This is part one of my pictorial journey up and down the final 2 km climb of Stage 6

Stage six started in Santa Clarita, home of Magic Mountain (were LA gangsters go to ride roller coasters), and ends up at Table Mountain, sitting a bit above Mountain High ski resort at around 7,000 ft elevation, give or take a 1,000 feet. To get to this elevation, you apparently need to pass through some of the most ugly parts of Southern California. I do believe the first 3/4's of the race was used in the movie, The Hills Have Eyes. All I'm saying is, if the ATOC is trying to promote California tourism, stay away from the desert regions, no one wants to see ghetto desert. I can say this because I'm a California native.

One reason I made my way up the mountain, to the horror of my sinuses, 
was to see Sir Bradley Wiggins. 
I like Wiggo, he's moody, but not moody in a Cadel Evans sort of way.

True story, I saw John Prolly at Ten Speed Coffee and didn't tell him how much I enjoy and appreciate his website, The Radavist. I believe it was The Smith's who said: 
"Shyness is nice, and shyness can stop you, from doing all the things in life you'd like to." 
On a side note, Ten Speed Coffee whips up an amazing iced Coffee. 
Kept me zipping about the hill all afternoon.

Go home clowns, you're drunk.

It wouldn't be a Tour of California for me without a picture of Thor Hushvod.

To Be Continued...