Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and
Happy Holidays to everyone!

I just want to take a minute and thank everyone for 
supporting little 'ol FreeBird Velo this year.
 It's nice to know there
 are still good people left in this world 
and most of them are cyclists!

Monday, December 17, 2012

I Prefer See's Not Whitman's

Alrighty, Christmas time is here again and I've made my annual list of Must Haves. 
I have either been lusting after or have actually used these awesome product(s) over
 the the past year, so I am here to share them with you. 
Maybe you're looking for some ideas for your precious loved one, maybe you want to kiss your 
boss's booty or maybe you just wanna scream out: 
"screw you all, I'm buying a motorcycle, you're all getting Whitman's chocolates!"
As for me, whether I see any of these things
under my 10 inch Italian Stone Pine super-ghetto Christmas tree remains to be seen.

Here we go:

Allen and Bijou are geniuses because this is the best drink mix ever.
I don't get icky belly while in the saddle, they're pretty tasty,
and these single servings look pretty snappy to use. Plus I have a
short attention span so the multiple flavors look right up my alley. Skratch Labs
believe the hype, because YES, they're just that good.
My deep, deep, undying love of cycling started with mountain biking. I was a fan of 
Missy Giove, Julie Furtado and John Tomac, so it's only natural that when 
I want to return to my roots I turn to Yeti, they've been around since those days 
and there's a good reason for it. They make frickin good bikes, that's why. 
I've had an itch to hit the dirt for awhile, there are trails calling my name, 
and it's not fair I have to look at them across the street all week while I'm at work. 
My dream rig would be the 
Yeti SB66 Enduro (lime) with SRAM components. 
Yeah, just something to spin around on.

Maybe, just maybe if I put this pic up my Hubby would be more likely to buy me some of these 
Assos knickers. Not a fan of their douchbaggery advertising but I would love to try a pair of their chamois for longer than 5 minutes. Because dancing around the dressing room is not the same as
sitting on a saddle. I tried on their bibs and fell in love with them, I just couldn't pay the $300. I'm happy with Rapha's 3/4 bibs but would like to have a pair of fall/spring knickers.

Clear the counter Darling, mamma wants a new toy! 
I'm not a genius when it comes to espresso but I do know that Eddy rode for Faema and how
bad could this machine be. It can't be worse than what they carry at Costco. And besides, 
everyday you get to be reminded of monsieur Eddy Merckx, I couldn't think of anything better.
Halsa mats, I wanted one last year and kind of forgot about em, 
but now I want one. I'm getting old, I have back pain and insomnia,
both of which can be helped with the help of these pokey mats. 
It's widely used in Sweden which may sway Hubby's view. 
Aaaaghhhh, I love Deus. Their custom builds are absolutely beautiful and they have more
soul than any new rides found on a showroom floor. Trust me, we looked this weekend and it's pretty sad. Plastic cookie cutters galore (except Triumphs of course).

Last but not least, the women's Rapha long sleeve jersey. It seems like I'm always 
on the fence about long sleeve jerseys. Living in Southern California can be 
kind of tricky, but for those early morning rides it just makes 
sense. I never take off my arm warmers anyways so why wouldn't I wear one. 
I kind of like the orange in men's but they're out of stock in small, 
not that I'm hinting or anything.

 I want to thank everyone who has supported
FreeBird Velo this year, and I don't just mean buying a tee or two, 
although that's really nice, thank you.
 I want to thank everyone for sharing their input and sharing FBV with others.
It means a lot to me and my little clubhouse company. I love sharing my ideas and 
I get so stoked that there are others who share the same brainwaves.

Friday, November 23, 2012

New Goodies for the Holiday Season

 "Hey Tommy, did you hear? FreeBird Velo has new tees out.
I'm not hinting or anything"

 Yes it's true, I've been utilizing my time wisely and came up with perhaps my favorite tees to date. I have a new one for the ladies, printed on a super comfy tri-blend American Apparel tee. No break in time on this girls, this tee will be your favorite the minute you slip it on. It will remind you that even though your riding buddy just dusted you, you'll get 'em back, maybe not this ride but soon. Unknowing to them, you'll strike like a compact ring ninja.

And now, my favorite tee, possibly ever. I came up with the official FBV motto on a ride, which is only fitting. I was passed by a group of young local club riders on the first climb of the day. Later in the ride I passed a man and his reluctantly riding lady friend. I felt bad but at least I passed someone, which was kind of redeeming after being passed by 20 something year old kids. That's when the slogan came to me, and now I'm sharing it with you. For a limited time only, I'm not trying to be high-falutin or nothing I just want them to be special and a sort of gift to those that follow along with me. Available till November 29 on the FreeBird Velo shop, shipping for Christmas guaranteed, even international orders.

And here we have a classic. Revamped with a new font and printed on an American Apparel tee. Higher quality with the same great message. If you already have one, thank you so much! and if not do yourself a favor and pick one up, or better yet, buy one or a few for your club mates.

So enough with the sales schmoozin, I want to leave you with this shot from last weekend's ride. This is what riding's about.

Sunday, October 21, 2012



"The winner of Paris-Roubaix earns $39,000 
in prize money. A caddy (not a golfer, but a caddy)
who works for someone that wins 
the PGA Championship gets $145,000"

Monday, October 1, 2012

Infiltrating interbike 2012

I have returned from Vegas unscathed, although as you can see from this picture I may have contracted the Herp. Dirty cyclists, I made the mistake of putting my lips to the real 2009 Giro trophy. So far so good though, my lips are clean. So interbike was big and new stuff was spilling out into the aisles, it can get a bit overwhelming. So many things to see and people to talk to, you definitely need to spend the whole week here, not just one day. Here's a small sample of pics for your enjoyment:

Everybody knows these babies by now. Giro's new
lace-ups. Not sure if I'm that big of a retronista,
they're cool though, and shiny.
If I had to get a pair I'd get
the white so I could look like a speedy nurse.

Ah, behold...Ryder's rig from the Giro, maybe.
Sometimes I think they dust up a bike
   and put it on display.
At the moment it was cool and that's what matters.

J.Pow, off to a good start this season, looks like
the stars and stripes are doing him good.
Like a big glass of milk.

The Pahsley booth. These bikes are so dignified
I curtsied before walking through the booth.
They're beautiful too, too classy for me I thinks.

Even the stainless steel cages are light and airy.
I just bought 2 stainless steel ones for my Soma.
And when I'm a good enough girl and get my Moots
 I'll outfit it with the titanium cages.

Always pretty and shiny, the Phil Wood booth.

It's a Pinarello and yellow, just be lucky you got 
a photo. Oh yeah, it's Wiggo's too.

Oh Park Tool, how I love you. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bike Shop Field Trip:

Whenever I go to a new bike shop I like to tell my readers about it. Well, maybe you're not exactly my readers, maybe you were looking for a free bird and ended up here, no matter who you are, welcome! Every once in awhile I like to sneak out of FreeBird Velo World Headquarters and visit a real live bike shop. It doesn't happen often but when it does I like to let people know about it.

I'm a little late reporting about my last find, but better late than never. Velo Hangar is probably the most unique bike shop in Southern California. Located in Solana Beach, a small beach community in North County San Diego. Owned and run by Gordon Yeager with the help of Laurel, who is kind of a Jane of all trades around the shop.  She saved my life by making an awesome latte with the in-house espresso maker. They also had a fine selection of beans which is always a sign of a quality shop. I love the smell of coffee, chain lube and rubber in the morning. Well, I hadn't had my coffee yet and it was already 11 AM so thank you Laurel! 

The shop is set off the street in what was actually an old garage, they did a great job remodeling. It's like it was meant to be a bike shop. Three roll-away doors keep the shop fresh and open. They don't sell bikes but they will keep your own bike tuned like a champ. High end wheels (sorry I can't remember for sure what I saw), 3T, Kask, Fizik, Knog are all present and accounted for, plus bike care essentials. They also have really cool Velo Hangar merchandise: pint glasses, tees, sweet kits, and my personal favorite: tall wool socks. Ooooh, I love a good pair of socks. One thing I really liked is that they carry women's sized tees and kits. And guess what? they don't have flowers on them, they're not pink and the jerseys aren't 8 inches too short (can you tell I have issues with women's wear?). I don't know about you, but when I raise my arms in a fake victory salute, I don't want to have my Sweet Honey Boo Boo belly sticking out there. So good job guys, you chose your kit well, just remembered, they're Squadra. Nice. Oh yeah can't forget, free stickers! that's a sign of a good shop right there, trust me.

I can't wait to get back down there and take Hubby, seems like his kind of a shop. Down to earth, friendly, free coffee, and good product. This is sounding like a love letter but it's all true. If you're in the San Diego area, make the trip to Solana Beach and visit the best bike shop in Southern California.  They just happen to have the best surf shops (Patagonia and Mitch's), best pizza+beer  (Pizza Port), and enough beautiful beaches to clog your Instagram for a week. Hmm, I may have to make a trip back down there soon.

637 Valley Avenue #C
 Solana Beach, CA 

Friday, August 31, 2012

Ode to Marianne and Some FreeBird Velo News

I love Marianne Vos. I've gone on about her way too much on Twitter and the FreeBird Velo website and I'm sorry. I'm afraid if I say (gush) anymore secret agents from the Danish government are going to bust down my front door for fear that I may cause their national treasure harm. Since it's out there that I want to ride like Ms. Vos I saw it only fitting that I made a tee to honor her amazing talent and drive.  I'll just say it, she's a bad-ass and I love her, I know I'll never ride like her but I can dream can't I. So for all us oldies (women AND men) who are maybe past our prime but still find nothing wrong with admiring a great rider I give you the Marianne Vos tee. Printed on American Apparel in Dutch orange and blue and for the first time in FreeBird Velo history I will be offering women's fit tees. 
These tees are going to be offered for Pre-Sale for one week starting August 31 and ending 
September 7 on the FreeBird Velo shop. They will then be offered again at the end of September. 

Just so you know my Etsy shop will be undergoing some changes in the upcoming weeks. My goal is to have all American Apparel brand tees which far surpass any tees I have used before. I will also be adding sizes to each item in the shop (meaning you'll see the t-shirts' size in the title), this should make it easier for you when ordering. No more having to leave me messages telling me which size you'd like, unless you really want to leave me one, I enjoy nice little notes. 
Since I am making a complete change in t-shirt brands I need to sell my old stock. This is good news for you because those old tees are going to be marked down significantly for the next couple weeks. Get 'em while you can! If your size tee is not available on sale items they will be back up on the shop site by the end of September when the transition phase of the shop is complete. 
If it's an emergency tee situation, for example:  it's your Nan's birthday and she really wants the Shifty tee in a certain size,  just let me know and we can work something out.

( In case you didn't know American Apparel tees are sweatshop free, made by workers who are paid fair wages, offered healthcare benefits, and are made in Los Angeles which is awesome because the tee you purchase will now officially be made and printed in California)

I just want to thank all my customers for their support over the year(s). It's great being able to share my love of cycling with you, without you guys I'd just be a bike nerd wearing one off tees, dressing my dog up in them. So thank you again, you guys are wonderful!

                                Photo:Dan Seaton

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Super Secret Wiggo Tee Offer

Get that boy a Double-Double or something,
he's gonna blow away.

So, the Tour's done, the Olympics are over, and Wiggo has lived up to the media's expectations. His Boy Wonder on the other hand didn't fair so well. Cavendish lost too much weight, didn't eat enough sugar, and lost his lead out train to Wiggo during the Tour.  Here's to next year Cav, good luck, and good luck finding a new team, uh...I mean lead out train.
Nice one Wiggo indeed.
 I don't think anyone's used 'bone-idleness' since Mr. Darcy
reprimanded Jane.   
Naughty Mr.Wiggins.
In honor of Bradley Wiggin's Olympic gold, and stellar media relations I give you the Wiggo 'C**t' or if you're polite and have kids the 'Bone-idleness' t-shirt. You have the choice of either, printed on a super soft 100% cotton tee. In case you forgot where these words came from, here ya go:

"They are just f***ing w*****s. I cannot be doing with people like that. It justifies their own bone-idleness because they can’t ever imagine applying themselves to anything in their lives. It’s easy for them to sit under a pseudonym on Twitter rather than get off their arses in their own life and apply themselves and work hard at something and achieve something, and that’s ultimately it. C***s!"

I'm guessing that w*****s stands for 'wankers' which I didn't think was that bad. In fact, I used to listen to a band called 'Guns n Wankers' back in the day and they seemed quite pleasant. In all honesty I think 'bone-idleness' sounds worse. And in case you thought Brad was just cranky and it was a one-time whoopsie you must of missed the camera man video.

Due to the naughtiness of these tees I'm not selling them on my Etsy shop, but if you are interested in getting your mitts on one of these you can contact me via Twitter at @freebirdvelo Just leave me a direct message and I will bill you via Paypal, plus you can also reach me by leaving me a message on the FreeBird Velo Etsy shop. Make sure and let me know which Brad you'd like and what size t-shirt you'll need. Tees cost $24 but include free shipping. What a bargain!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Morning Lights

Woke up at 3AM last night to a light show, super rare for Southern California. Not just lights but thunder too. I did the 'see the lightning, count till the thunder thing' and there was one that didn't even make it to 2 counts. That's when I turned on the TV and found security in watching Golden Girls.
The source of all lightning

When I woke up it was still cloudy, wet, and thundery. Ride or not ride? My first thought I had when I let the pups outside was, damn when'd we move to Biloxi? Second thought was damn I didn't change the flat tire on the Bianchi. I only have the steel Soma and everyone knows steel is a perfect conductor for lightning.
Also available in light blue for the faint of fuscia.

Needless to say I didn't go out for a ride today, instead I sat in the corner and bitched about 37% humidity. I know, I know, laugh all you want East coasters, we're certifiable wussies over here, I'll admit to that. After bitching I made a couple of new tees. They're up for sale on the FreeBird Velo shop via Take a peek around, new things are always popping up.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Suffering Season

Maurice Garin 

From Paris to the blue waves of the Mediterranean, from         Marseille to Bordeaux, passing along the roseate and dreaming roads sleeping under the sun, across the calm of the fields of the Vendée, following the Loire, which flows on still and silent,our men are going to race madly, unflaggingly.  
                                             Henri Desgrange

Can you be jealous of someone else's suffering. Not a suffering such as cancer or loss of a loved one. I'm talking about the suffering that takes place while doing something you love. Right now though I'm talking about the suffering that takes place atop a saddle. When I read/hear about someone heading to the hills and I'm stuck at home I'm terribly jealous.  I love that period of time where suffering becomes surreal. We create our own rotational meditation while sitting there. It's our brains way of not allowing us to go mad. Yes we're a sick, weird bunch and I feel right at home here. The leaders, heroes, domestiques, cheats of our clan are about to race, June 30 to be precise.

Yes our time of year is coming, I know the Classics are for the 'hard men', but really, do we need to argue? 21 days of racing 2,000 something miles, a history over a 100 years old. The victories, tragedies, deceit, brotherhood, not to mention the chiseled tan legs and dangling gold medallions and wedding bands, each one with a story. It's a fucking soap opera and I love it.

It seems my love of cycling does not ebb and flow, I'm pretty consistent. But I tend to get extremely passionate about cycling around this time of year and the only way to quell it is to create. Some of my creations are good, others seem to only appeal to me, and maybe that random rider with the quirky personality. And I appreciate that quirky rider so much because I know I'm not alone when it comes to the joy of having a cycling pigeon* screen printed across my chest. I hope you share this crazy passion for 2 wheels too, enjoy the season, hope your man wins.

If  you like the tee you see above you might like the FreeBird Shop. Tees, bags, paintings and quite possibly another cycling pigeon t-shirt might appear soon.