Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bike Sale

The Bike Snob had this video on his site yesterday. Now, while I don't think Snob was necessarily loving the leather wine carrier, I do believe he secretly kind of liked it. The video had me until the end, when they drink from the Frisbee, that's when I got grossed out. No one would do that, that Frisbee's been flying around all day, being chewed on by little doggies and probably landing in all sorts of dog poo. No thank you, it's more romantic to wrap that bottle up in a paper bag and share it with your loved one.

I do believe that it would go pretty good on my Pippi Longstockings errand runner. Which is amazingly for sale. Now, I'm not in a rush to sell it, but a single speed and hilly ride back to the homestead do not a happy girl make. Especially after enjoying a double latte and cinnamon roll.

$600.00 buckaroos and this sweet ride could be yours.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Until Next July

Cuddles Really Loves His Lion

The Tour is over and my life is slowly returning to normal. Tomorrow I'm going for a ride, and I'm a bit excited because I do believe I finally found a magic helmet to fit my teeny tiny head. I got a Lazer Genesis off Ebay from . Thumbs up for those guys, in stock, got it in 2 days, and they had a ton of decent gear. Check 'em out, this was not a paid advertisement, I just enjoy good service. Back to business. In this post I am just going to tell you what I thought made for good tour watchin.

Tommy's tongue, pre-yellow jersey, was quite the sight. I stick my tongue out when I'm concentrating on tasks at hand, I get it from my Mom. But never while riding, so I tried it this weekend. I was sprinting uphill toward the house with my hubby and decided to stick my tongue out. You know what, I won the sprint, only because hubby was laughing too hard. Said I looked like a fish out of water. Despite that I believe it brings in more oxygen, so I'm going to keep it in my arsenal.
Good job Cav, although I am a bit bummed he didn't cross the line with sparklers on his shoes and pulling a Superman across the finish line. He is definitely the best sprinter (with team assist) on the Tour and he deserves the green jersey. His interviews were more mature than in the past, I kind of miss those days.
Poor Schlecks, what happened? I knew when Cadel was staying along with them on the climbs that they had no chance. They need to gain a bit of weight and work on time trialling, go to the gym this winter, get some sort of leg muscles. That's my opinion, but you just wait until this winter, the media will show them working out in the gym and discussing TT tactics with Fabian while they all do thrust squats. Then you'll think back to this summer and say " hey, that Freebird Velo chick was right, holy shit!"

Jeremy Roy, what can you say about this guy. Announcers were throwing around the word 'PANACHE' a lot this tour, but he needs his picture in the dictionary next to the definition. It seemed like he was in every breakaway. He had no chance on the stage against Thor, believe me I tried to send him a mojo power boost using my mind powers it didn't work. The kid rode his heart out and it showed when he crossed the finish line, he looked like he was apologizing to the entire country of France.

We now come down to my team, Garmin-Cervelo. I made the call, they won TTT, Tyler finally won in France, Thor brought them yellow, and they won Team. Quite a tour indeed. But as you can tell from this rest day photo there might of been some separation between old Garmin riders and Thor. He was off at another table with non-riders. Apparently Jonathon Vaughters couldn't quite pay Thor all the money he promised him, especially after he won the World championship, prices go up with those stripes. I liked this team from the their conception, they were like the Bad News Bears of the cycling world. Just a bunch of quirky guys riding their bikes trying to win a stage. Thor never really fit in with them, he's too European, and they're too goofy. So we'll see what next year will bring them without Thor. By the way, they are not eating regulation size Chipoltle burritos in the photo, those are smaller than stateside burritos. I wish they were that size.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cuddles Did It!

The Tour still has one more day left but I am already suffering from withdrawls. Oh, I'm so sad for Andy, but my official podium picks were correct, the little ol' crying koala bear did it so I'm sorry to say, no free t-shirts for those of you who read the Final Picks post. But you can still purchase Freebird Velo tees, see them here. Get 'em while there hot.

Cheeky cuddles, he knew the whole time

I will do my final Tour analysis (I couldn't write that without giggling, who am I to analyze?) in the next entry so keep an eye out. You might of read in earlier entries that I've been doing the Aquaphor Le Tour Challenge. Well I finally figured out how to read the standings and I am 61 out of 290 or something other female riders. One more day of riding to move up in standings but I don't see myself going anywhere near top ten. I blame that on my not entering the first 2 days of the tour and the two day absence because of traveling and because my Sunday entry was counted as Monday, which is a rest day. I'm not saying anything, but next year, it's on, my stomach is full of Gummi Bears, and I will seek my revenge.

On my ride this week I finally spotted the Mythical Peacock of Smiley Heights. I have spent two years riding through Smiley Heights hearing it caw, or whatever you want to call the sound they make, but I've never laid eyes on one, until this week. Strutting across someones front lawn. It's the little things on your ride that make them special to you. Whether it's spotting a random animal, cresting your local hill with some breath left to spare, or just riding for hours and finding yourself laughing at the end of your ride, even though you should be collapsed in a heap in the middle of your living room. I love riding, I hope you do too.

Thanks for looking

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bee Sting Club

I went for a ride early this morning and was rudely welcomed to the FACIAL BEE STING WHILE RIDING CLUB. The bugger got stuck under my glasses while descending, I heard him buzzing, then I felt his little body and legs, then it sounded like he was panicking because his buzzing sped up, that's when he stung me. That's also when I was going around a corner at full speed cursing like a dirty old sailor. At first I was pissed, then I felt bad for him. Then I got pissed again because I always help bees out of the pool when they get stuck in the water, and when they fly around me I leave them alone, I don't swish at them. So in the the end I chalked it up to bee-ing at the wrong place at the wrong time. Sorry, I couldn't help it.
Apparently other riders during this year's tour have had run ins with bees, or their big-ass cousins, wasps. Frank Schleck was stung in the mouth and then swallowed a bee/wasp during the TTT. He said he couldn't taste which one it was.
Old Jensy got stung by a bee under his helmet chin strap. Luckily nobody was allergic which could of been bad. Not like Jonathan Vaughters in 2001 who was allergic and had to abandoned because he had to take a cortisone shot which would of shown up as a positive test result. I think he looks like Sloth from The Goonies.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rest Day part Deux

Rest day number two is here and boy, my podium picks suck. So now I give you my new final podium picks. If I am at all wrong- the first person to send me a message reminding me that my picks were absurd, after, and only after the official final sprint on the Champs this Sunday, you will receive a FREE FREEBIRD VELO T-SHIRT. But If I'm correct you're all S.O.L. So without further ado:

1. Cadel Evans
2. Andy Schleck
3.Frank Schleck

The Brothers Schleck

I don't know if anyone else is doing the Aquaphor Le Tour Challenge, but I am. I threw a hissy fit Thursday because I couldn't take my bike to Lake Tahoe. I was ranked 80 on Thursday night but I fell to 240 on Sunday night. Looks like nothing but +30 milers and at least 1,000 feet of climbing for each ride this week until next weekend. It's funny looking at everybody's rides (at least the women's) on the competitors list because they'll ride 40 miles and gain 64 feet of elevation. And I really felt bad for them, like they were some kind of prisoner locked up over seas. You need some hills in your life or else you loose your will to live. When I'm not watching the tour I'm entering contests, you know the ones they show during the tour. Wether it's word of the day or Fantasy Cycling challenge, which I have given up on because almost all of my 15 riders have abandoned. I want to win at least a water bottle, give me a little something for my wasted time. Four years straight of entering codes and picking riders. I want a water bottle Damn it!

My top pick this week for Bravest Little Rider goes to Laurens Ten Dam. Now I've gotten bloody noses before while riding and have sacrificed my gloves to stop the bleeding, but he looks likes he's been in battle, in the trenches, like Bingo Crepuscule. Soldier on Laurens.

''made ya look!"

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rest Day Recap

How the Yellow Jersey Spends a Rest Day

By now everyone has seen and read about the horrific crashes that have plagued the Tour thus far. Hopefully the peloton will get in some relaxey time today and come back to the race tomorrow a little more loose and less twitchy. Easy to say sitting behind a Mac riding my piddley miles while they're riding across vast expanses of French Countryside.

My heart broke yesterday when I saw Johnny Hoogerland crash into the barbed-wire fence yesterday. But it was warmed when I saw him cross the finish line and except the KOM jersey. I won't show pictures of the crash because we've seen enough of it and I know I would feel embarrassed if my lacerated bum was being plastered all over the Internet. So instead I'll show Johnny spending the rest day with his Dad.

Hoogerland on rest Day
We watch races and we see riders pass through beautiful scenery and eager spectators. The peloton sometimes seems like one giant mass rolling down the road, we don't see individuals. But in that peloton are fathers, sons, boyfriends, brothers and friends. We only tend to realize this when we see crashes. I know whenever a crash occurs my stomach drops, it only returns to its normal placement when everyone has sat up and is mobile. I wonder if their Moms or Dads are watching. I know I heard Chris Horner in an interview say that his Mom texted him to ride careful, and that was the morning before his crash. This tour has sent my belly on a roller coaster ride. I'm relieved that everyone who has crashed and abandoned is able to see another day, but I can't imagine the disappointment they feel getting into the back of the ambulance or team car. Recover, relax and get back in the saddle.
A good sign:
Chris Horner recovering earlier this week with McDonald's, although
I know he would of rather had an In-n-Out Double Double

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Predictions Thus Far

Join the Cuddle Army , buy a tee and spread the word

Oh my! little Old Lady Wilson knows her shit. If you you're wondering what I'm talking about take a peek at my last entry. Okay, I was off on the percentage of Spanish to French riders in the breakaways, and maybe about not having Cadel on the podium, we'll see, I hope I'm wrong. Go Cuddles!

I would put nothing but Gummi Bears and Vanilla GU in my musette
(I guess that's why I'm the rider I am)

Look at my little team though. Team Garmin-Cervelo must of read my words because they were spot on. TTT winners, Tyler takes his first win, and as of right now, I think they are still top team. I didn't see the yellow jersey for 4 days though, yay Thor. Time will tell how they'll do 1 or 2 weeks from now.
New Prediction: Ryder will take over the business end once they get into the mountains.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Reading and Tour Picks

Tour starts in one day. I figure you watch the tour for a few hours, then what are you going to do for the rest of the day? Read, at least until the recap show at 9PM. My first pick is Bill Strickland's Tour de Lance. Not just for Lance Lovers, Bill was like a barnacle following him during his comeback TDF, lots of insight. Krabbe's- The Rider, you have to read it at least once a year. And Finally Vive la Tour- all sorts of facts to make you sound like a real smarty pants at your LBS discussing the days tour results.
And now my tour picks, I know it doesn't matter to a lot of you what I pick, but I would like to look back 23 days from now and either stand here looking smug or feel like a complete moron when none of them come true. Anything can happen- injuries, crashes, breakaways, or surprise bus searches. The mags featured above are my official tools of research, plus Internet sites such as Cyclingnews and Velonews.

I enjoy Cycle sport's little symbols

My favorite fact about Contador (last line)

And now my picks for the podium:

1. Andy Schleck

Reasoning: The course looks like Frank should be able to protect and help Andy. Remember last year? AC was not on his top form,(which would explain why he might of needed his booster transfusion) and that was without doing the Giro and Frank not being there to help Andy. Contador is beat up, mentally and physically. He knows he's not wanted in the peloton, the Giro wrecked his legs, and the French public are going to reek havoc on him everywhere he goes. He can say all he wants about feeding off the negative vibes but I believe he's at his breaking point. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt putting him in 3rd. Wiggins is strong and confident after his win at the Dauphiné, if he can stay anywhere near their wheels he's got it in the bag.

And now for the rest of my TOP TEN in no particular order:

Cadel Evans
Frank Schleck
Robert Gesink
Sammy Sanchez
Tony Martin
Chris Horner
Ryder Hesjedal

Wishful Thinking:
Nicolas Roche
Tommy Dannielson
Christian Vande Velde
Ivan Basso

Other Notable Happenings:
-Tyler Farrar will win his first TDF sprint, early on before Cav gets his legs.
-A French rider will be in 75% of the breakaways.
-A Spanish rider will be in be in 90% of them.
-Cavendish will will get pissed, cry, and showboat across the finish line crossing at least once. He will also not win the Green Jersey, quite possibly Tyler? Going out on a limb there.
-It will slip out that Thor Hushvod is moving to Europcar next year, you heard it here first.
-Garmin Cervelo will win TTT and take Top Team. Yep, they're still my favorite.