Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You'll Get Nothing and Like It!

I am starting to feel like Spaulding. Every time I look through a cycling magazine or wander around the Internet I want everything I see. First it was the Zipp 303's, Fizik Vesta saddle, and a Campy Record gruppo. Now I found out that the Campy Eurus weigh less and are cheaper and lighter than the 303's, plus they're Italian. I still want the saddle though but the gruppo is only possible if I win the Lottery. Don't get me started on my Rapha wish list. And that was made before the Fall/Winter 2011 collection has come out. According to Buddhists you're not supposed to want things because it'll F you up. But Julie Delpy in Before Sunset said you need to crave and desire things to feel alive. If that's the case then I must be sliding down rainbows and spanking unicorns on the heiney while eating red velvet Sprinkles cupcakes. So maybe it is a good thing that I didn't get passes to Interbike. Who knows what I would do. Hide your bunnies and kittens!

When it all comes down to it, you don't need all those fancy do-dads, whatzit's and coo-coo's. But oh those beautiful aluminum wheels that will make you go 5 miles faster and are quieter than my ghetto Vento's, I want them. Whoops, I was supposed to be making my stand for being frugal and smart. I kind of had an epiphany on my ride Monday. Now, maybe it's because I'm finally getting rid of all my bugs and jacked up teeth but I had my strongest, best day riding since spring. And maybe it was because I got new shoes and now my feet don't flop around inside of them like herrings in a sock. For the sake of argument we'll say it was my health and happiness of being on my bike and feelin lovely not my new Sidi's. Whoops I shouldn't of mentioned my new shoes, but those were a necessity, in my mind at least.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What I Did My Summer Vacation

It's friggin hot, like Africa hot. I have been busy watching the Tour so my entries have been nonexistent. Before that it was vacation time. Vegas one weekend, Tahoe the next. So this entry is going to be super happy picture time.

My husband and I went to Vegas for a late anniversary because I had a abscessed tooth (super sexy) the real weekend of our anniversary. So off to Vegas where our room faced a ginormous billboard of Rita Rudner on the hotel next door. She looks shocked, she shouldn't though, I usually do what she was watching twirling sparklers on my girls while wearing a donkey costume and eating sherbet out of a three foot bong.
I found heaven in a little place called Espressamente, holy snails I wish I could go there every morning for cappuccino and every night for gelato. I didn't win my jackpot so my Zipp 303's are going to have to wait.
We hunted down the Pawn Stars pawn shop. Found that but also found an adorable tattoo shop called Precious Slut.
Beware of the Coke store. You can taste 14 types of Coke from around the world. This one is from Madagascar, it's Leemur pee flavor.

Next trip was up to Lake Tahoe to see my family who was up camping for a couple weeks. Did Mtn. biking at Northstar for 1/2 a day, I will never complain about my road bike being too heavy after riding a 40 lb rental dual suspension rig. Also did some stand up paddling on the North side of the lake, felt good to get wet. Need to get some surfing in under my belt this summer. Some photos from this trip have been with held due to their graphic content. Lets just say the family elders can party like nobody's business. It was like watching a drunken version of Cocoon. All I know is they know how to have fun.

Nothing says nature like telephones lines running through your pretty picture.
Like I said before, it's friggin hot. My riding is totally hurting because of it too. I actually went out and bought a camelback insulated bottle. Even after I told myself I never would, they seem to me to rival the mirrors you put on your bar ends, kind of gimmicky and gay. We'll see how it works, I like cold beverages. So gimmicky or gay? you decide, just don't hurt poor little Dicky Simmon's feelings.