Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Ride

Pavé? Nope, crappy asphalt

Woke up Sunday morning totally expecting to get out the door by six and get in a 3 hour ride. Didn't happen. So I had to settle for a 1.5 hour 20 miler. The covers where just a little too toasty and the bedroom window I cracked open the night before had froze open. Needless to say I had little to no motivation to make my way out of bed. The bright side was it was 30 degrees so I got to use my Rapha oversocks. Yep 30 degrees in southern California.
Back to the oversocks, I loved 'em. I have circulation issues so my fingers, toes, ears and nose tend to turn into painful little buggers that make my life hell in cold weather and water. My toes were delightfully comfy but my fingers were numb for the first 45 minutes. Oh yeah, I also had the Rapha merino wool beanie, no complaints whatsoever in the ear department. Once I did make it out the door I did a quick jaunt around the Sunset Loop.
Four weeks until the Redlands Bicycle Classic. Can I reclaim my title at the public races? Will there be more than 2 women in my category? Will the announcers have our names for the race? We will see, stayed tuned.


Meaner then it looks, last hill in the RBC Time Trial

California's Impression of the UK Countryside


Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to Use Your Hands Crossing the Finish Line

For all of you getting ready for race season, here are some examples about what to do, and not to do with your hands when you find yourself victorious. Here is an example of what not to do:

On there is video of Mark Cavendish talking about how much he loves his new Di12 electronic shifters. Nothing exciting there. The classic part is when he says how tiny his hands are. I'm not a guy, but I do know that you never want to comment on how small your hands or feet are. I guess if you've got enough confidence to talk about how little your carnie hands are then you probably got the cajones to back 'em up. As seen in above picture. Either way I still think he's a pompous puff tart.

Mark uses his tiny man hands to show that it doesn't matter how small they are it's how you use them. I thought Brits were polite and well behaved, this salute was quite naughty. I wouldn't suggest it.

And then there's good 'ol Tom. Oh dear… Tom, stop it you silly boy, jazz hands are for private time. That's a no for the celebratory spirit fingers and the manel-toe.

Now, here is little Heinrich. Raining, no gloves, in a break-away coming across the line. I cried when I watched him win that stage, and yes I endured teasing from my Mom and husband for it, but at the time it was pure, beautiful sport. The way it should be.

Last years Tour was pretty exciting I'll give you that, pissed me off, but still exciting. My favorite sound bite was Andy saying he had a fire in his belly and was going to seek revenge. Pretty good, but I would of chucked my pump in Al's spokes the next day and then raise my arms victoriously.

This is how a real man crosses the finish line. With a name like Thor how else would you cross the line. Well, maybe he could cross it on the back of a winged giant mongoose, wielding a golden, ruby encrusted sword, and wearing wolf skins but this is pretty good I reckon.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Merchandise Sneaky Peak

Be on the look out for new Freebird Velo tees at my shop on I should get around to putting them up this weekend or Monday at the latest. Enjoy

(kind of like king of the dipshits)

(my favorite lagging excuse after low tire pressure)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Elevation Training?

Got back yesterday from 4 days skiing/snowboarding in Mammoth. I liked to think of it as high elevation training. Resort elevation is 7,000 ft and the top is 11,000. To prove if it worked I went on a 25 mile ride this morning, 1,800 feet of climbing. I don't think it made a damn bit of difference. It would of been a lot easier though if I had eaten more the previous day. A latte and peanut butter bagel for breakie and a piece of pizza for dinner is not sufficient fuel, at least that's what I told myself to make me feel better.
I am too lazy to figure out how to get my iphone photos over to the computer so there is a lack of action photos/videos. Here is a collection of roadside photos, 4.5 hours of sitting shotgun leads to this collection, enjoy.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Look Ma 20% !!!

Shit I love this guy even more than I thought.
By the way I climbed my first 20% this week. At least that's what Mr. Garmin showed me as I shot a glance at him as I crested and almost barfed up a lung. I'm gonna climb it again and double check it, so I can make Eddy proud.