Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bike Sale

The Bike Snob had this video on his site yesterday. Now, while I don't think Snob was necessarily loving the leather wine carrier, I do believe he secretly kind of liked it. The video had me until the end, when they drink from the Frisbee, that's when I got grossed out. No one would do that, that Frisbee's been flying around all day, being chewed on by little doggies and probably landing in all sorts of dog poo. No thank you, it's more romantic to wrap that bottle up in a paper bag and share it with your loved one.

I do believe that it would go pretty good on my Pippi Longstockings errand runner. Which is amazingly for sale. Now, I'm not in a rush to sell it, but a single speed and hilly ride back to the homestead do not a happy girl make. Especially after enjoying a double latte and cinnamon roll.

$600.00 buckaroos and this sweet ride could be yours.

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