Monday, May 16, 2011

Don't Hate Me Cause I Suck Wheels

Becky has a word for him,"WHEELSUCKER."

Riding this weekend in Southern California was moist, at least in the mornings. An unreasonable-unseasonable low pressure system has made for wet roads and wet socks too. Went riding Saturday and Sunday with Hubby and he enjoyed the taste of my rear wheel for quite a bit. In the shot above he let up a bit because he knew I was taking a picture. Don't let him fool you. I made myself laugh pretty hard on a semi tough short climb, unfortunately I can't remember what I said to myself. Yes, when I get hungry I get a bit punchy and start talking to myself and I tend to laugh at anything and everything. So maybe it was lame and it's better if I did forget.
Unfortunately on Sunday the Lake Tahoe stage of Tour of California had to be cancelled due to a freaky late season snow. I'm really bummed because I love Tahoe and I think it is one of the most beautiful places in California. I'm also bummed because I made sure I washed the bikes after our ride and got my soup and brownie from Panera so I could watch the tour and enjoy my late lunch. Instead I watched the Tour preview show again. I would love to do the ride around Tahoe in September, sounds like a good birthday present. Hint, hint, hubby, hubby.

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