Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Rapture Stage

Well I made it to the start line of stage 7 TOC. I mentioned in an earlier post I might try to get up the legs to climb up to at least Baldy Village but some things are better left to another day and fresher legs. Trust me you'll see it on here when I get the urge to tackle it.

Here is a collection of images from this morning. I only got halfway down the line of buses because I saw the Trek-Leopard bus, which paid off because I got to see Andy Schleck. I also stopped by the HTC bus and caught sight of Bernie Eisel but missed my chance to have my picture with him, ya snooze ya loose. Instead I got some gratuitous shots of him stretching before lining up, I didn't feel like a dirty 'ol cougar, nope, not at all.

Bernie E., no Comment. I'll get in trouble no matter what
Taylor Phinney
Happy Slave Driving Jelly Bean
The Bissell Stable
Oh, oh it's Oreo time

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  1. what a great day and superb photos!
    bravissimo !!!