Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Itsa Italian Import Time


Good on you Cav. I know I've written in the past about Cavendish being a total pussy, but I'm starting to take a shine to the kid. He's not all that bad actually, like I've mentioned before the peloton needs characters like him just like we need Cancellara's and Millar's. Let's just say I was on the edge of the couch again looking like a jockey riding down the home stretch when Cav was on Petacchi's wheel, brilliant. That's karma for ya.

After the heartbreak last week at the Giro I thought it was a good time to finally buy my Madonna Del Ghisallo medal. We all need a little help when out on the open road, hopefully she'll watch over me even though I don't go to mass. I've been wearing it since last night and my neck didn't turn green so good news there. Sorry for the stock photo, I had two glasses of wine with my homemade mac & cheese tonight and I'm feeling a bit loopy, so no real pictures.
Went to Costco with my mom today and we both yelled "Mamma Mia!" in unison when we saw they had Superga shoes. I know the UK has them for sale on every corner, but we have to go to specialty shops to find them. Don't judge me for buying shoes at Costco. I got a white pair by the way.

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