Friday, May 6, 2011

That Other Race In May

Yes, there is another race that takes place in May, and for those who fear the color pink and masochistic mountain stages this one might be more your flavor. It also takes place in my native land, the Republic of California. One stage is actually 1/2 an hour away so I'm debating- linger and stalk riders in the staging area or actually put in some effort and climb part of the stage. Unfortunately it's not a sprinters stage. It's the much talked about Mt. Baldy mountain stage. A real mountain top finish, not like last year's Big Bear finish where it pussed out in the end. I actually went to that one but all I saw was a blur of neon green (Peter Sagan) whiz by and helicopters hovering above. No the Baldy stage is pretty promising, besides, there's family history on that mountain. My great grandma was the principal and teacher at the little school in the village and my great aunt's family used to own the trout farm. I have a couple weeks to decide, stay tuned.

I'm pretty damn lucky to live were I live, that's all I have to say. Beautiful coastlines, mountains, um desert? (I can take that one or leave it) and quiet country roads if you look hard enough. Next time you hear me complain about California, give me a slap. Not too hard, and not in the face, that's how I makes my livin's.
I haven't posted lately because the Rapha Continental put out their Tour of California movies. Love 'em. They covered four stages of the tour and shared their adventures with us by way of photos, video, and words. It's really worth a peek. Upon reading I'm happy to find out that I'm not the only one in the world who stops and picks up random objects while out riding about. Cole Maness (the mustachioed man) picks flowers, collects feathers, and who knows what else while riding. I bet he's never found a perfect avocado, yeah he probably has.

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