Friday, May 20, 2011

Race Rage

Is it me or is the Giro becoming more boring by the day. I just finished watching stage 13, Grossglockner, the first real big mountain stage. But my initial excitement was deflated on Mt. Etna, I was cursing at the TV, which is a usual occurrence during races, when Cuntador took off and no one could stay on his wheel except little Rujano. And today's stage was a total replay. What made it worse, and I'm going to sound like Cippolini here, Cuntador is a pussy, don't give that guy the stage, if he can beat you make him work for it, you're not winning anyone over by playing the gentleman rider. Meanwhile every other GC contender on the hill looked like their brakes were dragging. I'm upset because Cuntador is turning this tour into a boring, one way, uneventful race, and what's worse is, he's not going to hold his title after he's convicted. So at best, the real tour is between all the riders who are 1-2 minutes behind him. I can't follow a race that way, UCI need to get their heads out of their asses. Make some rules that actually make sense. There is no reason why he should be racing now, look at what happened to Valverde. All his titles for last year were stripped and the real winners didn't get their true rewards. Now that the sprint stages are done, breakaways and the beautiful scenery of Italy are the only thing the Giro has going for it.


  1. You're absolutely right, the giro is losing it's interest with this "Cuntador" guy safe in front...

    p.s. the ... "walking billboard of team Androni-Giocatolli" is doing quite well so far, took a couple of wins and the're in the top 6 in almost every tappa... It's a shame though, that today, both jerseys (red and green) that will be worn by Adroni's riders are because "Cuntador" can't wear them, cause he already wears the pink... Whatever happens in the end, the Bianchi team cannot loose one title, for the "ugliest and most funny-looking riders in the peloton"... ;-)