Friday, September 17, 2010

September Doldrums

Welcome to the September Doldrums. That time of year when you just want a morning ride with temps below 68 degrees. Ah, who am I kidding I just want to use some embrocation. Even though I didn't have too good a luck with my last jar. It was from a company that sounds similar to Angry Chemistry. I used it and loved it the first few times, it smelled magical and made my legs feel all toasty and loose. But, then the last few times I used it I got a rash on my legs. I know it was from the embrocation because it went from the top of my sock line to the bottom of my shorts. Plus it made me itch, like in that Little Rascals episode. Needless to say I've been doing research looking for new non-itchy gam lube.

While waiting for September to pass I've been having childhood flashbacks while riding. Remember when you were little and you would pretend to hit homers off Fernando Valenzuela, or you were on patrol with Paunch and John. Yeah I was a tomboy, but I clean up real nice. So this week I've been riding and I find myself racing Vincenzo Nibali up my favorite final hill sprint, or charging long flat out sprints against Cavendish which I always win cause he's an absolute douche. It's fun and dorky, and I'm not embarrassed to admit it. I know you all do it whether you care to admit it or not.
Last but not least Universal Sports just announced they will air the Giro di Lombardia. I got so excited I started dancing around (see above video) Like I've mentioned in previous posts I love this race because of its beauty and history. What other race visits an area like Lake Como and a site like the Shrine of Madonna del Ghisallo. She has become the patron saint of cyclists. I'm not the best writer so I suggest you google it if you don't know the whole story, while you're at it look up Andy Hampsten on the Passo di Gavia, but that's a whole other post. Back to Ghisallo, It is definitely on my must visit list, so while I'm waiting for that to happen I have been looking to buy a Madonna del Ghisallo saint medal. The way I look at it if your racing against Nibali and Cavendish everyday it's a good idea to have a little back up.

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