Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Interbike is my Daycare, Vegas part 2

Shhh, I touched it.

Real quick before we begin, I want to say something. Forgive me Father for I have sinned, it's been 12 days since my last ride, here comes the bad part, this morning I rode a stationary bike at the gym. (It's so humid and I still have sciatica) 24 hail Fausto's and a hill sprint workout tomorrow.
That ain't Trek

OK, Vegas Part 2, I know these are smaller companies and are of the handbuilt variety but I really would of liked to see their wares. Pegoretti was supposed to be there but I couldn't find him, after searching for 20 minutes I gave up. Cross my fingers they might be at at the frame builders show in San Diego. Here's a few I would of liked to see:
-Ira Ryan
-Independent Fabrication
-Seven Cycles
I blame Rapha for my longing to see these beautiful beasts, they romanticise riding hand built quality bikes, you can't help but be sucked into it all. Speaking of Rapha, where were they? It's probably better, my wishlist is up to $750.00. The less I can see and touch of theirs the better.

Now my list for happy time feelings:
-Yakima for my free socks and for answering my retarded questions
-Surley for the centaur boy (see top picture)
-Pashley for the English beauties
-Moots for just being Moots
-Lezyne for answering other retarded questions
-the print media for saving me $40 on magazines
-Fizik for chit chatting with me even though I wanted to tell you your shoes belong in a bowling alley
-last but not least, Canari for the Disco Ho's, I'm sure there mama's were proud of them.

Thank you to Cyclery USA (Redlands) and thank's to all who took time to answer my questions and giving me the time of day. You will not be forgotten when I become a huge cycling warlord.

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