Saturday, September 4, 2010

Candy Corn is the DEVIL

First weekend of September and as usual it's Africa hot. So I rode up through Yucaipa from Redlands to stare at the big apple sign pointing up to Oak Glen on the corner of Bryant and Oak Glen Road. My goal is to make it to the goats by the end of September, cause if I make it to the goats I made it to the apple burritos sold across the parking lot in the big barn. Honestly, I just want to see the goats. I really wish I could make it a bit further up the road for the big bag of little apple cider donuts at Snow-line apples, but they might as well be another 30 miles away. Whole lotta climbing, in a little bit of road. Maybe if the donuts had $50 bills stuffed through their holes. Oh yeah, don't eat a bag of candy corn the day before a big ride. Sugar is a strength zapper, it's the DEVIL. But cider donuts and apple burritos are fine because they have fruit in them.

I've been watching the Vuelta this week and I'm trying to take it all in because it's the last grand tour before the World's and my favorite race, Giro di Lombardia. Which is a pisser because neither Universal or Versus will show it. They played it once a couple years ago and I fell in love with it, then poof no more. But back to the Vuelta, it's been pretty exciting, sprint wise at least. Everybody is getting a turn at crossing the finish line first. Sharing is caring. Bad news with Team Sky dropping out. Prayers go out to the Gonzalez family, friends, and everyone at Team Sky.

Well I have finally figured out how to work the imovie thingy majingy. So here is the exclusive blog premiere of Call of Nature. I was shooting footage for my soon to be released cycling movie and all of a sudden here comes a port-a-potty over the crest of the hill. My thought with this video is sometimes you have a call of nature then the feeling goes away, this is what it would look like.

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