Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Douche de Jour

I was looking through the latest Road magazine and I came across this Assos ad.

Now I've seen their ads before, I've even looked on their website a time or two and every time I see their models and layout one word comes to mind, douche. I know they make quality gear and they've raised the standard of cycling gear, but their shorts make you have camel-toe. So what is Assos thinking when they come up with these ads. Yes cyclists occasionally take breaks and lounge in the sun but do they do it while wearing Mickey Mouse gloves and a beanie(white even) over their Euro Blu-Blockers' temple pieces. They need to take a lesson from Rapha, amazing, Italians need to take a lesson from the Brit's about fashion. Actually I just wrote that in hopes that someone from Rapha might read this and want to send me a care package.(size small, xsmall gloves)
I know this doesn't involve cycling, but in other douche related news, I was at the bank and this Scion drives up the wrong way. What first caught my eye was the ginormous Chanel sticker, where would someone procure such an item and why. Then I realized they parked in not one but two handicapped places. The final thing that got me was the amount of time they took using the ATM, at least 5 minutes. It was a girl, in Dickies, no Chanel in sight, and her little Asian-man-boy servant. Well, my tick off buzzer just went off, thank you for your time.

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