Monday, September 13, 2010

Becoming Seaworthy Again

All hail the Blu Emu. Last Wednesday I was in so much pain and hunched over due to that nasty rowing machine in the gym, I was unable to ride until Sunday. It could of been a lot worse. You see, I get the Sciatica from time to time, and the pain in my middle back was creeping down to that damned nerve and down my leg. It got so bad that I actually took my parents advice and used their Blue Emu ointment. Yeah my Dad has been known to buy stuff off the TV like the iRenew wristband and those cow-pie looking diet cookies. Say what you want but it worked, or maybe I willed it to be.
To ease the pain I would lie flat on the floor, which would attract all the animals of the house to within a 2 foot radius around me. It was while laying on the floor I thought a lot about how I got to this sorry state. Pretty deep for someone laying on their floor with 2 dogs by their side and a cat on their stomach watching Who's the Boss. I thought about how I seemed fit but, lets just say my vessel had some leaks in it. I was sea worthy but you wouldn't want to cross any big bodies of water in me. So it was then and there last week that I promised to do all this crap to get seaworthy again, and then I wrote them all down and put them on the fridge. Because everyone knows once you put something on the fridge it becomes a sacred law. My list included things like no food items with over 5 grams of sugar, no processed food, eating veggies and fruit and taking my vitamins religiously, riding more. All the stuff the media crams down our throat every 3 months or so on the 6 o' clock news. Well it's Wednesday and I'm doing good so far, no sugar in my coffee, no muffins, no tasty Snickers bars. I also started reading my meditation book, healthy mind, healthy body, but totally unsatisfied. Damn Snickers commercial.

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