Monday, September 27, 2010

Interbike was my Daycare, Vegas Part 1

My perfect photo would of had me sprawled out under interbike

First of all, I want to thank my LBS for slipping me a pass, and a big apology to my hubby for not being able to get him one. Although he was able to sneak in the last hour on Thursday, he probably saw everything he wanted. He's not the bike nerd I am. I had a close call picking up my pass holder, the older lady asked for my ID which wasn't even close to the name on my pass. I believe she saw the fear and despair in my eyes after she asked. She told me it was OK as I was slowly fumbling around in my wallet mumbling Harry Potter spells to change my name on my driver's license. Needless to say I made it in. My family was laughing at me because besides interbike I have no reason being in Vegas, I won't go into the various reasons, but the joke was I was being dropped off at daycare while they went to the Wynn to gamble. Fine with me.
Contador's custom paint job

Since I was an interbike virgin I had no idea what it was going to be like. I had a different objective than most of the people there. I wasn't there trying to make a deal, sell, or schmooze. I was there to take it in and see if the bike industry could handle me and my line of bike goodies someday. The answer was mixed, but I came out saying yes, but it's gonna take some hard work. That being said I had a very good time zig-zagging each and every row, making sure not to miss anything. I'm a picky bike nerd and I have issues with certain bike company's due to past experiences with test riding them. But when I saw Andy, AC, and Spartacus' rides in the Specialized booth I had to go and ogle.
That was the best until I saw Andy's bike at the Zipp/SRAM booth. I'd seen the bike in various media forms and I was giddy to see it in person. I made sure to control my giddiness because I think I might of lost a little bit of my dignity when I saw Chavanel's bike at the Eddy Merckx booth. I was proud of the froggy's this year at the tour, it restored my faith in French cycling. I just hope none of them read this, if one of you do, I apologize.

In tomorrow's blog we delve into random sights, visits, and who was missing at interbike, stayed tuned.

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