Friday, October 1, 2010

World Premiere and a Bit of Mashy

This post is sort of a mishy mashy of all things going on this week that I couldn't remember to write about earlier. First things first, I finished my teaser for RIDE REDLANDS. Gay title I know, it'll change by the time the real movie comes out. By real movie I mean an extra 3 minutes, woo, hoo. It includes all the flora, asphalt, and fauna of my hometown, Redlands, California. Not just my home but also the home to The Redlands Bicycle Classic. So here it is the WORLD PREMIERE of RIDE REDLANDS the teaser(title pending) Watch out later this month for the really big premiere.

Now down to business, Thee official DOUCHE DE JOUR goes to Al Contador. He ate meaty taint I guess and then got asthma so he took some clenbuterol, is that it. I get confused. All I know is Andy was and is the winner of Le Tour. Suck it Cuntador.

Other noteworthy news this week, Freebird Velo has put out more t-shirts on The dogs seem to like 'em at least.
Last bit of news for the week. I have decided to challenge myself and go car-less for a little while. Now, I have my Bianchi which does not leave my sight for more than 20 seconds cause I looove her. I have an 80's Schwinn Collegiate that I could leave outside the 99cent store for a week and no one would touch her, cause she has a raging case of rusties, and you would need a Tetanus shot to ride her. Oh, I also have Pipi Ole but she's a single speed(not a fixie) so that wouldn't work for the distances and gradients I need to cover, plus there no braze-ons for racks. So, unless I want to suffer about looking like some sort of fancy hobo without the trash bags full of cans and paper bag covered Mickey's I won't be riding that. I could attach milk crates to my Bianchi and scuttle my way through the aisles at Albertson's so she wouldn't have to wait outside. Actually that one sounds fun, but alas, the only answer is:
Crap. I took my Kona Cindercone apart like a year ago. I wanted to paint it real flashy like. I even danced around the garage all grease-lightening style, pointing and all that. That lasted about 2 days. Now, I need it, so it's go time. This will become part of my upcoming posts, so keep an eye out for future progress reports. Unlike the progress reports in jr. high you won't have to race home before your parents to get them out of the mailbox. Enjoy the weekend

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