Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Halloween and I'm a Heavy Breathing Fatty

I went for a ride this afternoon, which is weird because It's Sunday and I left at 1:30. That's pretty late for me, unless it's an evening ramble. I was either really hungry cause I hadn't eaten lunch or my binge the night before on my Wonka candy had finally caught up to me. No matter what excuses I write on this blog today I have to say one thing, damn I'm out of shape! But don't worry faithful reader I read my UK Cycling Health & Fitness magazine this morning after my healthy breakfast of a carrot walnut muffin and latte. While reading that fine publication I found a pull-out 8 week training guide to help me ride no handed and how to make u-turns. Is there something about the Brits we don't know about. I will admit they had some good nutrition info and Autumn riding tips. It also made me want a cup of tea and some of those chocolate covered biscuits. One thing that always annoys me about their cycling models is that their gear is so missy matchy. They're wearing Assos tops with Pearl Izumi shorts and Specialized knee warmers worn way too low for my taste. I thought the UK was the land of Rapha, classic, tailored, cycling gear that matches. That's enough of my rant and Rapha booty-kissing. I just know they're (Rapha not the Brits) going to find me on this damn blog and send me a jersey (club jersey, pk/white/grey in small) or even some of their soap made from the herbs and flowers from the slopes of Mt. Ventoux. Oh what a beautiful company.

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