Thursday, October 7, 2010

Little Bit of Something

This one's a shorty but a goody. Maybe not a goody but as I always say, "it's not just good, it's good enough." Sorry that doesn't really help build up my readership. I ran down to Panera this morning hipster style on my Bianchi. I won't take her again, she's a bit squirrley. Try riding her up a 5% grade one-handed and the other hand holding hot coffee. Next time it's a shot of esspresso at the shop and both hands on the bars of my Pipi Ole on the way back.

In restoration news this morning, I was able to get all the old 90's Kona purple paint off it's little cro-moly body. She is going to have an appointment with the powder coater soon. I have yet to come up with a name, so if someone besides my darling hubby reads this and comes up with a name for her send me a line. I was thinking Nubian Queen cause she is going to be shiny and strong and black. That's not racist it's admiration.
Is it me or is Meg Witman and Penelope from Little Darlings the same person?

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