Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Colorado Bike Country Without My Bike

I have been a traveling lady lately. I have traversed the Rockies unscathed and none the worse for wear, does that sound correct to you guys, writing ain't my strong suit. In case you didn't know I am petrified of flying so it's a big deal when I board one of those big metal birdies. I just know were going to go down in a ball of flames with babies falling and virgins screaming about how they're not ready to die. The reason for my trip was to visit my big brother and his brood. The guilt trip he has been given me for not visiting him for the past 5 years has been broken. Yippeee! I have regained the love and respect of the brother who would chase me with staple guns and fireplace pokers.

I landed in Denver Friday and after he picked me up we headed to the mythical land of Boulder. That is were I discovered the friendliest Starbuck's on the planet. I had found my Mecca. Bikes galore, beautiful scenery, a Wahoo's, a Panera, and an REI all within a 2 block radius. They also had a ton of waxing shops for some reason, I thought it was all natural there. We went to the Celestial Seasonings factory which was bitchins. I felt like I was home but I'd have to go back in February to really test it, and of course take my hubby for his opinion cause that's kind of important. I'm no HMB.

After that we went up to Este's Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Beautiful. I got to see the Shinning Hotel which gave me the creeps, I can never finish that movie. My brother lives in Laporte but his house is isolated up on a ridge, which looks out over the valley out into the beginning of the flatlands. If I was to move to Colorado I would want mountains, but to each his own. He can shoot from his patio, that was a selling point for him I guess. Driving from Wyoming to Laporte there were miles of rolling asphalt with hardly any traffic, I was drooling and jonesing for my bike. Thumbs up to Colorado, you have your choice of putting in the miles on the flats or head to the mountains for some altitude.

The next day we went out to Cheyenne. That's all I have to say about Cheyenne. When we got home I got to go shooting, yeaaa! Next day we drove around Fort Collins and visited bike shops. Best bike shop in Fort Collins was Lee's Cycles, the best one in Boulder was Vecchio's, lotsa Italian goodies. So that was my trip, I got to see my family, and lay eyes on the most cycling friendly town in America. Good weekend, but next time I'm taking the hubby and our bikes.


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