Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Candy Time!

It's that time of year again. It's candy time! It's when you can go into the market and be transported into Willy Wonka's factory, the 70's factory not the new freaky gay one. And while we're at it maybe Ghiradelli took over the factory the day you walk into it because have you tasted Wonka chocolate? belongs on a chalkboard. Stick to Nerd's Willy. I kind of got off there but I'm back. So yes, this is the season for candy lovers. It is also the season for belly aches and missed rides, and if you do make it out, half-assed rides. I myself am starting a sugar fast, cause I'm tired of feeling like a crack whore. Waking up feeling sick, dark circles under my eyes, regretting my last hit of Harvest Mix and Candy Corn. I'm just waiting for some sort of pimp to jump around the corner and start bitch slapping me cause he heard I wanted to quit. You see my pimp would look like Prince and sound like Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds.
So today I am a new woman, oops I had a pack of sugar in my coffee. Starting right now, no sugar until, Sunday? Yes Sunday when I can have a little nibble of something chocolatey. So no baked goods, ice cream, or anything with the white devil in it.

In addition to my sugar fast I am starting a new leg work out at the gym. You see, I have lost some the power in my legs since I started riding because gym workouts are forbidden, because you might morph into an 80's pro wrestler. My legs are unable to get huge and I'm going to start my yoga again. So I should be safe. I want to be able to ride a chainring bigger than something in the low 40's. Hopefully by February I will be a lean mean racing machine, and I will be able to beat my husband in sprints. I also want to make sure I can defend my title in the woman's 35+ public race at the Redland's Bike Classic. I just want to be able to hold up a two finger victory salute.
Whoops! not that kind of salute. But maybe if the race promoters can't get their act together and have the names and numbers of the women available for the race commentators. Just a warning guys.

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