Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Stuff

Poppy likes to try new hair styles

I Like to try new stuff. Sometimes. People who now me are going to laugh at that remark because it's what I like to think. I'm trying Rapha, that's new to me. So far so good, just got my leg warmers and t-shirt. I danced around my bedroom in my legwarmers to make sure they stayed in place. Yep, they got the thumbs up dance. The t-shirt felt stiff but after the first wash, very nice and sturdily constructed, it's tailored for a riding position. Damn Brits, they know how to design. Motorcycles, Aero mint chocolate bars, Mark Cavendish. Well Cavendish's cycling ability, take him off the bike or let him open his mouth and he goes to pot.
This morning I went for a ride after going to the gym. I downloaded some new music to my shuffle so I get a sort of extra boost from my new music selection. You want to see some of my new stuff? I thought you did.
-Jerry was a race car driver Primus
-My Adidas RUN DMC
-Lay all your love on me ABBA
-Gimme, gimme, Gimme ABBA

Wow! what a fine collection you must be saying. Yes I do have good taste, thank you. I listen to my shuffle religiously at the gym because their taste in music is just for poo. I was still on a kind of new music high so I decided to listen single ear'd while I went for a ride. You know what? it helped. Not that I need help getting inspired for a ride. Well kind of lately, I got the autumn dumps, it's dark out! Nothing is more exhilarating then flying around the Sunset loop listening to Swedish pop.
New Items also showed up in my Etsy Freebird Velo shop. Got some new t-shirts in their now and some new paintings are coming up soon.

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