Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bike Shop Field Trip:

Whenever I go to a new bike shop I like to tell my readers about it. Well, maybe you're not exactly my readers, maybe you were looking for a free bird and ended up here, no matter who you are, welcome! Every once in awhile I like to sneak out of FreeBird Velo World Headquarters and visit a real live bike shop. It doesn't happen often but when it does I like to let people know about it.

I'm a little late reporting about my last find, but better late than never. Velo Hangar is probably the most unique bike shop in Southern California. Located in Solana Beach, a small beach community in North County San Diego. Owned and run by Gordon Yeager with the help of Laurel, who is kind of a Jane of all trades around the shop.  She saved my life by making an awesome latte with the in-house espresso maker. They also had a fine selection of beans which is always a sign of a quality shop. I love the smell of coffee, chain lube and rubber in the morning. Well, I hadn't had my coffee yet and it was already 11 AM so thank you Laurel! 

The shop is set off the street in what was actually an old garage, they did a great job remodeling. It's like it was meant to be a bike shop. Three roll-away doors keep the shop fresh and open. They don't sell bikes but they will keep your own bike tuned like a champ. High end wheels (sorry I can't remember for sure what I saw), 3T, Kask, Fizik, Knog are all present and accounted for, plus bike care essentials. They also have really cool Velo Hangar merchandise: pint glasses, tees, sweet kits, and my personal favorite: tall wool socks. Ooooh, I love a good pair of socks. One thing I really liked is that they carry women's sized tees and kits. And guess what? they don't have flowers on them, they're not pink and the jerseys aren't 8 inches too short (can you tell I have issues with women's wear?). I don't know about you, but when I raise my arms in a fake victory salute, I don't want to have my Sweet Honey Boo Boo belly sticking out there. So good job guys, you chose your kit well, just remembered, they're Squadra. Nice. Oh yeah can't forget, free stickers! that's a sign of a good shop right there, trust me.

I can't wait to get back down there and take Hubby, seems like his kind of a shop. Down to earth, friendly, free coffee, and good product. This is sounding like a love letter but it's all true. If you're in the San Diego area, make the trip to Solana Beach and visit the best bike shop in Southern California.  They just happen to have the best surf shops (Patagonia and Mitch's), best pizza+beer  (Pizza Port), and enough beautiful beaches to clog your Instagram for a week. Hmm, I may have to make a trip back down there soon.

637 Valley Avenue #C
 Solana Beach, CA 

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