Monday, October 1, 2012

Infiltrating interbike 2012

I have returned from Vegas unscathed, although as you can see from this picture I may have contracted the Herp. Dirty cyclists, I made the mistake of putting my lips to the real 2009 Giro trophy. So far so good though, my lips are clean. So interbike was big and new stuff was spilling out into the aisles, it can get a bit overwhelming. So many things to see and people to talk to, you definitely need to spend the whole week here, not just one day. Here's a small sample of pics for your enjoyment:

Everybody knows these babies by now. Giro's new
lace-ups. Not sure if I'm that big of a retronista,
they're cool though, and shiny.
If I had to get a pair I'd get
the white so I could look like a speedy nurse.

Ah, behold...Ryder's rig from the Giro, maybe.
Sometimes I think they dust up a bike
   and put it on display.
At the moment it was cool and that's what matters.

J.Pow, off to a good start this season, looks like
the stars and stripes are doing him good.
Like a big glass of milk.

The Pahsley booth. These bikes are so dignified
I curtsied before walking through the booth.
They're beautiful too, too classy for me I thinks.

Even the stainless steel cages are light and airy.
I just bought 2 stainless steel ones for my Soma.
And when I'm a good enough girl and get my Moots
 I'll outfit it with the titanium cages.

Always pretty and shiny, the Phil Wood booth.

It's a Pinarello and yellow, just be lucky you got 
a photo. Oh yeah, it's Wiggo's too.

Oh Park Tool, how I love you. 

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