Friday, August 31, 2012

Ode to Marianne and Some FreeBird Velo News

I love Marianne Vos. I've gone on about her way too much on Twitter and the FreeBird Velo website and I'm sorry. I'm afraid if I say (gush) anymore secret agents from the Danish government are going to bust down my front door for fear that I may cause their national treasure harm. Since it's out there that I want to ride like Ms. Vos I saw it only fitting that I made a tee to honor her amazing talent and drive.  I'll just say it, she's a bad-ass and I love her, I know I'll never ride like her but I can dream can't I. So for all us oldies (women AND men) who are maybe past our prime but still find nothing wrong with admiring a great rider I give you the Marianne Vos tee. Printed on American Apparel in Dutch orange and blue and for the first time in FreeBird Velo history I will be offering women's fit tees. 
These tees are going to be offered for Pre-Sale for one week starting August 31 and ending 
September 7 on the FreeBird Velo shop. They will then be offered again at the end of September. 

Just so you know my Etsy shop will be undergoing some changes in the upcoming weeks. My goal is to have all American Apparel brand tees which far surpass any tees I have used before. I will also be adding sizes to each item in the shop (meaning you'll see the t-shirts' size in the title), this should make it easier for you when ordering. No more having to leave me messages telling me which size you'd like, unless you really want to leave me one, I enjoy nice little notes. 
Since I am making a complete change in t-shirt brands I need to sell my old stock. This is good news for you because those old tees are going to be marked down significantly for the next couple weeks. Get 'em while you can! If your size tee is not available on sale items they will be back up on the shop site by the end of September when the transition phase of the shop is complete. 
If it's an emergency tee situation, for example:  it's your Nan's birthday and she really wants the Shifty tee in a certain size,  just let me know and we can work something out.

( In case you didn't know American Apparel tees are sweatshop free, made by workers who are paid fair wages, offered healthcare benefits, and are made in Los Angeles which is awesome because the tee you purchase will now officially be made and printed in California)

I just want to thank all my customers for their support over the year(s). It's great being able to share my love of cycling with you, without you guys I'd just be a bike nerd wearing one off tees, dressing my dog up in them. So thank you again, you guys are wonderful!

                                Photo:Dan Seaton

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