Monday, December 17, 2012

I Prefer See's Not Whitman's

Alrighty, Christmas time is here again and I've made my annual list of Must Haves. 
I have either been lusting after or have actually used these awesome product(s) over
 the the past year, so I am here to share them with you. 
Maybe you're looking for some ideas for your precious loved one, maybe you want to kiss your 
boss's booty or maybe you just wanna scream out: 
"screw you all, I'm buying a motorcycle, you're all getting Whitman's chocolates!"
As for me, whether I see any of these things
under my 10 inch Italian Stone Pine super-ghetto Christmas tree remains to be seen.

Here we go:

Allen and Bijou are geniuses because this is the best drink mix ever.
I don't get icky belly while in the saddle, they're pretty tasty,
and these single servings look pretty snappy to use. Plus I have a
short attention span so the multiple flavors look right up my alley. Skratch Labs
believe the hype, because YES, they're just that good.
My deep, deep, undying love of cycling started with mountain biking. I was a fan of 
Missy Giove, Julie Furtado and John Tomac, so it's only natural that when 
I want to return to my roots I turn to Yeti, they've been around since those days 
and there's a good reason for it. They make frickin good bikes, that's why. 
I've had an itch to hit the dirt for awhile, there are trails calling my name, 
and it's not fair I have to look at them across the street all week while I'm at work. 
My dream rig would be the 
Yeti SB66 Enduro (lime) with SRAM components. 
Yeah, just something to spin around on.

Maybe, just maybe if I put this pic up my Hubby would be more likely to buy me some of these 
Assos knickers. Not a fan of their douchbaggery advertising but I would love to try a pair of their chamois for longer than 5 minutes. Because dancing around the dressing room is not the same as
sitting on a saddle. I tried on their bibs and fell in love with them, I just couldn't pay the $300. I'm happy with Rapha's 3/4 bibs but would like to have a pair of fall/spring knickers.

Clear the counter Darling, mamma wants a new toy! 
I'm not a genius when it comes to espresso but I do know that Eddy rode for Faema and how
bad could this machine be. It can't be worse than what they carry at Costco. And besides, 
everyday you get to be reminded of monsieur Eddy Merckx, I couldn't think of anything better.
Halsa mats, I wanted one last year and kind of forgot about em, 
but now I want one. I'm getting old, I have back pain and insomnia,
both of which can be helped with the help of these pokey mats. 
It's widely used in Sweden which may sway Hubby's view. 
Aaaaghhhh, I love Deus. Their custom builds are absolutely beautiful and they have more
soul than any new rides found on a showroom floor. Trust me, we looked this weekend and it's pretty sad. Plastic cookie cutters galore (except Triumphs of course).

Last but not least, the women's Rapha long sleeve jersey. It seems like I'm always 
on the fence about long sleeve jerseys. Living in Southern California can be 
kind of tricky, but for those early morning rides it just makes 
sense. I never take off my arm warmers anyways so why wouldn't I wear one. 
I kind of like the orange in men's but they're out of stock in small, 
not that I'm hinting or anything.

 I want to thank everyone who has supported
FreeBird Velo this year, and I don't just mean buying a tee or two, 
although that's really nice, thank you.
 I want to thank everyone for sharing their input and sharing FBV with others.
It means a lot to me and my little clubhouse company. I love sharing my ideas and 
I get so stoked that there are others who share the same brainwaves.

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  1. Happy Holidays, free-bird !

    +1 for the Faema :-)