Friday, August 12, 2011


Look who made it to the big time! My 'Rapha jersey pocket stuff competition' photo made it to the Rapha email thinga majiggy. I'm the pink club jersey in the middle. If you don't believe it looky here. Yes that is all the crap I carry around with me. Dehydrated glue, old Kleenex, dirty 'ol $5 bill,valve cap, bolt and wrapped up multi tool with duct tape. I was not carrying my spare tube that happens to have 2 patches on it already. Now you know why I carry around duct tape.

What San Pedro Thinks Of Cyclists During A Tsunami

Random photo from a couple weekends ago. Went down with the Hubby to try and visit the USS Ronald Regan during fleet week. But all we got to see was 2 hours of traffic and having a tiny Asian man take my picture (?) and flip me off from his champagne colored Prius(enough said). Let's just say he lacked flippin ability because his middle finger was basically the size of a vienna sausage. Smack.

It was craft day today. I happened to have the wood burner out and some bottle caps handy so I made this Notorious F.I.S.H. Big Poppa tribute plaque-a-ma-jig. It's for the hubby.

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