Thursday, August 18, 2011

On the Twitter

I know I've had a lot of my goods up lately but I promise to have nothing but thoughtful prose, helpful reviews and witty commentary next time you read me.

Found this photo on Velogogo, I love it

Big news today, I finally signed up for Twitter, I'm only 5 years behind schedule. And to you dear reader I promise only to put up useful entertaining Twits. Just go to @freebirdvelo. I also have some new buttons for you to play with and press off to the side, see over there to the right.
For the climbers
I've had this up before but now it's one sided

I've been busy in ye 'ol workshoppe. I got some newly designed tees out on my Etsy shop and I'm working on getting some new artwork done. I have a new pretty good sized Eddy Merckx painting in the lineup, so stayed tuned for the finished project. Word has it there is going to be a huge 2 day sale in September on my shop, most t-shirts and some paintings will be on sale. Please wait for further instructions.
Translation: Am I riding too fast for you?
New French race day checklist tote bag
Please no hate mail, this is the punchline from an old joke

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