Saturday, June 19, 2010


Went riding this morning but it was with a cheeky, guilty monkey on my back. You see my husband came down with a bad cold this week and he's my weekend riding buddy. I felt like I should of stayed and stared at him waiting for a request or listen for a death rattle or something. He told me I should go so I went. It was a good thing too cause I finally saw the ghost pig. You see there's this house on what I call pig street. The name started last summer. I rode by this house and there was a fat old pot-bellied pig eating grass in the front yard. I saw it twice and ever since I ride by this house hoping to see it and today was my lucky day. Unfortunately John wasn't there to see it because he probably believes I made this whole story up for poops and giggles. But I got the next best thing, crappy photo on my phone. It looks like a retarded basset hound.
I've been watching the Tour De Suisse this week and oh my Lord, whats the process for an out of work cycle/surf bum to get citizenship over there. I'm gonna start selling Avon, there's ladies over there right. They have fondue, chocolate, beautiful countryside, and goats and little lambies. I'm in heaven. Plus it's close to Belgium, land of waffles, more chocolate, weather, and frites. I'd have to stalk up on Neutrogena pore cleanser or my Avon I'm gonna start selling, I'm sure they have zit crap right?.
I mention Tour De Suisse because of the sprinters crash in stage 2 or 3. Mark Cavendish, need I say more. Words can't express the anger I feel when I hear his nasally voice, or read a head up ass quote he gives to random journalists. And then I see him take out poor Heinrich Haussler, he became one of my favorites after stage 14 at last years Tour. I felt like he deserved it after Milan- San Remo. Now he's probably off the tour roster because he got an infection from his injury thanks to Markypoo. I did get a warm feeling in the bottom of my belly when I saw Tom Boonen ride over Mark's neck. Thanks Tom. Well I can't wait till July 3rd, 21 days of racing and Paul and Phil echoing through the house. Love those boys.

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