Monday, June 14, 2010


I am back to riding again, thank God. Unfortunately I feel super lazy and my glutes are killing me from Saturday. 10 days without riding and you fall apart. Tomorrow back in the saddle, and gym, and also starting a sugar fast. Today I am going to explain the meaning behind my baby's name. I chose Sophia because she is almost completely Italian, except for the FSA crankset (it's designed in WA state). Otherwise she is Campy, Fizik, Selle Italia, and an Italian made Bianchi frame (not Taiwan) thank you.My bambina, she is a spunky like Sophia Petrillo on the Golden Girls. Sohpia was also naughty and spoke her mind. Now, my bike can't express herself like that, but I can, since my bike is basically an extension of my inner self (alter ego?). I can't believe I would watch that show with my Grandma on Friday nights. Hey, I was a little girl, I wasn't old enough to have a social life yet. Best sitcom ever, how can you watch a show over and over and not tire of it? Don't answer that.And most importantly she is sexy like Sophia Loren. I wish I had just a 1/4 of her sexiness. Even when she's older like in Grumpier Old Men. I don't know what she saw in Walter Matthau though, I wouldn't go for someone who kept callin me nag. Best part of that movie was Burgess Merideth. Just the credits are worth a watch. I love dirty old people.

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