Monday, June 7, 2010

Albino Kielbasas and Toothaches

I have been out of it for a few days. What started out as some sort of sinus issues has now turned into an abscessed tooth. Few things in life can be as painful and annoying as what I just went through. Although later this week I either get a root canal or extraction depending on what my naughty little molar has done in his little corner of my mouth. Anyways, I'm off the bike and not putting on my running shoes anytime soon. The thought of having a jaw full of pus just waiting to explode into my mouth(minds out of the gutter now) doesn't really make me want to risk it. Besides, I'm enjoying my elementary school diet of oatmeal, mac n' cheese, and pudd'n cups.
So I had time to read today, Bicycling mag was on the top of the pile. I haven't read it front to cover yet, but I did see something that caught my eye. There was a poll taken about white shorts,Yea or Nay? 83% said absolutely not, 13% said yes but only when sun is shining, and 4% said all the time. Now, I'm thinking that the 83% are the ones who buy the lime green rain capes they overstock at Sportchalet, ride their bikes from June to August (even in temperate climes), and couldn't wear white shorts in the first place cause their thighs would look like an albino kielbasas. Enough of that, I love mine and I am going to wear them with much more pride this summer, although I'm still looking out for random puddles. Can't have poo poo shorts now can we?

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