Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back to the Easel

I took advantage of the last cool days were going to have for awhile and went for a run this morning. Nothing to write home about. No phantom peacocks, rabid squirrels, or shitzu's with Napoleon complexes and a taste for size 38 Louis Garneau's. So I am getting back to the easel, bringing some oomph back to my life. Art in any form can give you an instant kick in the pants whether you're decoupaging, sketching, or writing your name in the sand at the beach. I made the Freebird Velo t-shirt before I even made this blog. I'm backwards in a lot of ways. And i just did the Brooks saddle this afternoon. I need to make some bags this weekend, well see how many needles I break. Tomorrow is gym and sprint intervals, got to get faster somehow.

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