Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Good Stuff

Saddles are fickle creatures. I don't know how other people go about finding the perfect booty perch, but I tend to be on the work your bum and hoo-ha into submission bandwagon. That sounded bad, I meant ride it till you get numb. I'll stop there. Thank God for Fizik test saddles. I had a big old Selle Italia woman's saddle that felt like I was sitting in the backseat of a '78 Cadillac wearing Pampers. It wasn't that it was not comfortable but, well it wasn't. It was too cushy, not to sound too graphic but it tended to be too squishy and cramped my style if you know what I mean. Thank God for Fizik test saddles, I went to Incycle bike shop, signed a paper, and took home a pretty neon green test saddle to ride for a week. I tried the Fizik Antares and once I finally figured out the right angle it was magic. I'm still going to try the Fizik women's saddle next week but I'm pretty much in love with the Antares.
I was just working on some new t-shirt designs and screen printing and I was feeling run down. So I went to the fridge and grabbed an FRS. Now I don't hate Lance and I don't love Lance but I do love that FRS. It has some sort of pixie dust in it. That's why I dig deep into my holey pockets for this overpriced voodoo juice. It tastes even better and works faster when it's half price.
After the FRS I got kind of peckish so I grabbed a Larabar of the gingersnap variety. Num, num.

Then I wanted a sweet taste, so I went and grabbed an ice cream. Never tried this one before, I usually get Dryers or Hagen-daz in the midget size. I saw Ciao Bella sitting up on the top shelf, which is were it belongs. Top shelf baby, I'm buying this stuff from now on. And no I didn't buy it because it had an Italian name, well maybe a bit. I ride and go to the gym all week so I can snack on naughty stuff.

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