Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall/Winter Tee selection


Freebird Velo has some new offerings for the Fall/Winter season. Some of these tees have been seen on and , no biggie or anything. Take a look and if you see something that calls to you, you can find it on the FBV shop here.

Crap weather? Eddy would ride, no doubt.
Ride your bike a long way,
tackle some hills, sprint against your friends,
spray them with your water bottle if you loose.
Suffer along the way, it's all part of the ride.
Maurice is back.
Breakaways or the grupetto,
he's an equal opportunity cheerer.

Are you as confused, pissed off, and depressed as I am
about the exclusion of the Muur and Bosberg in the RVV?
Wear a tee, it'll make everything all right.
Rouleurs are the super-duper domestiques
of the peloton. So show your local rouleur
some love, wear the tee.

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