Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Diaries-Day 1

It is day one of the Rapha Turkey Take-Off. Already I messed up and took Nyquil last night and ended up oversleeping. So no long early morning ride, had to settle for a nooner and could only ride 2.5 hours because I had get back and make some prints and make it to the post office before it closed. Wheew, that was a long sentence, 7 years of college didn't help my grammar that's for sure.
Fancy Camera Work

So maybe you heard me bitch on Twitter about the Turkey Challenge. I thought it was going to be unfair because heavier riders burn calories faster, but the good folks at Strava made it fair, everything is averaged somehow, I don't know the details but it works.
One Big-Ass Turkey

So my ride today, absolutely amazing weather. I apologize to those in the Pacific Northwest, back East or anywhere where the weather is crap. 70 degrees, high wispy clouds, and a slight breeze. The ride itself was my normal Sunset loop-around Sunset, down to the outer highway, backtracked through Sunset, downtown and then back home. Fun times and giggles were had, saw a cat and this giant lawn turkey. So I'm going to try and finish this damn thing, usually if I blog about something I tend to burn out. This may be the perfect time frame (5 days) for my gnat-like attention span. Hopefully I keep to my guns and hit the 9000 mark. Wish me luck.

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