Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Love My Tires, Do You Love Yours?

That's some haircut lady.

It's been over a week since my last entry. I have let myself down, I've let YOU guys down, and for that I give you Diamondback Debbie. I don't know if that's her real name but it should be, she should also live in Dallas and work in the entertainment industry. Filming a public broadcast knitting show, get your minds out of the gutter. I don't know how old this photo is but that is one wicked stem angle, she's going to knock her teeth out. She kind of looks like Chandler's girlfriend from Friends. Remember the one he stole from Joey? I think she might of took the bodypaint job because I haven't seen her in anything since then. Thank you to for bringing this photo to our attention.

Oh that Chandler, stealing Joey's bodypaint/model girlfriend.

Now down to business. I have been wanting to spread the good word about Continental Gator Hardshells for awhile now. I've been using them since my birthday, no wait anniversary, yeah I got them in June. I've put quite a bit of miles on them and I am happy to say that these are by far the best everyday tires you could possibly own. Not a flat in sight, thank goodness, because there is no way in heck I'm getting these puppies off by myself on the side of the road. (that is my only complaint about them) I know a lot of you want light, smooth rolling, race tires and that's great but I can't wear those shoes. I tend to look at something and head right towards it. It's like that shard of glass is the Death Star and it has it's nasty tractor beam locked on me and I can't break away. Unfortunately I don't have a shroud fitted for my bike.
Don't you laugh at our Shaft (shut yo mouth) inspired tile.

My Hubby actually got these for me for our 6th Wedding Anniversary. He got sick of hearing my "oh, I got a flat again" stories every other week, and for a month it was once a week at least. Yeah, I'm kind of a dipshit when it comes to debris, I blame it on my mountain biking background, roll it on over. In my defense 89% of the time it was tiny thorns or noseeum glass, unavoidable to anyone. That other 11% of the time I was looking at a cow or funny mailbox and didn't see the discarded box of drywall screws or broken 40 oz bottle of Mickeys. I have taken these tires over miles of gravel, potholes, palm fronds, small children and never a mark on them. They seem indestructible, I don't know what could hurt them, honestly I hope I never find out. If you are like me and like a trust worthy tire that will allow you to ride over any terrain without worry, go, go now you silly folk and pick up a pair, from your local bike shop of course, show 'em some love.

"We'll I'll be a Fig Newton, I'm standing next to a girl with a tiny head!" I review the best cycling helmet ever to be placed upon my minuscule head. If you suffer the same fate I do I suggest you stay tuned.


  1. Those are a lot less difficult to mount, the second time and after.

  2. Good to know, took half an hour each wheel to get them on in the first place.

  3. These can only be destroyed from the inside