Monday, October 31, 2011

Don't Forget How to Ride

Well I got in a surf and I got in a fun little adventure on my bike this weekend. Unfortunately I went to the Indian Casino Sunday afternoon and lost money that was meant for a new handlebar and seat post for my new frame. Luckily, we tend to forget the bad and remember the good when it comes to memories, at least I do.(Hubby's gonna disagree with that statement) What I'm trying to say is I had a good weekend.
For the past week I've been thinking about my first bike, I could of sworn it was an electric blue Schwinn BMX. I was wrong. I'm kind of glad though because the real 1st bike is a little more girlier than what I thought I had. Although, now that I see it, I think it's my brother's hand me down. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I scoured my parents photo albums and found this early piece of Freebird Velo history. Look at that, just like today- I'm still trying to get aero but only able to drop a couple of inches. Still got scratched up limbs and a determined look. I love how riding can turn you into a child. I love it, it happens to me every time I go out for a ride. I hoot, sing, stop to look at random animals, pick up weird crap in the street. Of course, I get a little more serious when I have to start pedaling upwards or try to keep up with others, but I always tend to let out a giggle or two, maybe spout off lines from Caddyshack. I keep it real, I'm not pro, I don't race. I even gave up racing hubby because apparently he thinks my Thomas Voekler impression is hilarious and he can't race me while laughing. Sad thing is I wasn't trying to impersonate him. Riding is fun, keep it that way, and be safe out there.

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