Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Diaries-Day 2

Slowly racking up some calories, I think 9000 is possible if I stick to the same miles and elevation gains I've been doing. Although my afternoon ride on Wednesday combined with my butt crack of dawn ride this morning made for some interesting conversations with the legs. Won't do that again.
I came up with a term for these longer rides: Rotational Meditation Sessions. I get a peaceful feeling listening to my breath and bike working in unison. Good stuff happens on the bike. Unless of course there are runners coming at you 4 abreast and refuse to move. I'm not moving into oncoming traffic just so they can keep up their conversation about what sales they're going to hit up on Black Friday. I'll Red Rover my ass right on through that wall of wannabe Orange County Housewives. Whoops, lost my serenity there for a second.
As I said before it was an early morning ride, always hard on the little pistons, especially in cold weather. I never really seemed to get warmed up, so some f-bombs were dropped in their direction. Fortunately my body has a unique super power- when I giggle, pain and fatigue seem to reduce or even disappear. Sometimes I'll even giggle because of my F-bomb. Usually my giggles start with random things. This morning in particular I had quotes from Blazing Saddles running through my head. "Mungo only pawn in game of life" was one that kept repeating itself. So yeah, I know how to entertain myself.
Yep those are Embrocation Hi-Vis shoe covers, a very good investment

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