Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tales From A Bike Path

Big ride on Saturday, Santa Ana River ride, 61 miles. Yes it was a flat bike path but that was enough for me at this moment in the season. We started in Corona at the golf course at Green River and rode along the Santa Ana river down to lovely Huntington Beach and then backtracked. The weather was very cooperative, not like last time when we had to ride back with a massive headwind of about 20-30 mph. There were too many close calls that day, it's not fun to involuntarily blow over into oncoming cyclists. So, when God gives you calm, 70 degree temps in August you take em and make em worth your while.

See, this is lovely Huntington Beach, and on yonder is Newport Beach, land of misfit drunken ho's and bro's. That's why Huntington put up this chain fence.

-Saw Ms. Jugs O' Fun, 50 something mama in a lose yellow sport tank with DDD's
-5 random recumbants (contraption captains)
-1 of the CC's looked like an anorexic santa listening to news radio
-Just like in driving people speed up when you try to pass
-1 token chiahuha in a basket
-1 Fancy Lad in green tri kit who had a curiously hour glass shape
-Uncountable Scattante's, thank you Performance Cycles, quit sending me catalogs.
-2 Scattante rider's with white crew socks
-Numerous O.P.W.V's (oncoming passers with vengance) I was just waiting for a fishhooked handlebar
-1 Tandem playing I'm a Barbie Girl
-1 tank top with arm warmers
-27 kids with death wishes
-1 rider in full on winter kit, ready for a Wisconsin winter
1 rider standing off to side who looked like he was trying to warn Will Robinson about something.
Then the wolf pack turned to three

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