Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Big Red P

Went riding with my hubby this morning at 5:30. I found it a bit adventurous, starting off in the dark. Always exciting when I get to use my cheap little Knog lights. I wouldn't use them in complete darkness though. I put two on the handlebar and they basically light up my front tire, but at least drivers can see my two light up bike pasties coming at them, oh and my blinky caboose light. Like I said it was 5:30 in the morning and it was already steamy, just ask my hubby about my lawyer lip. Apparently that's what I get when I sweat, so he says. I don't tell him about the sweaty drainpipe dripping down the middle of my sports bra. Ha, that's nasty even for me. I like to think it's because fitter people sweat more. I keep telling myself that, I believe it's a fact, in some medical journal.
Well it was a good ride, no flats, bloody noses, or broken egos(at least I hope not). Although, I'm debating the ride we're planning this weekend, it's 50 miles out and back to Huntington beach. I feel a bit out of shape, but it is all flat, no more than a 1 % grade. Ooh, I just got a feeling, it's about 3 hours since we finished our ride and I feel like a puu-saaay. Flat and 50 miles, my granny could that. O.k. I just talked myself into it again. I'll just watch some Rapha movies beforehand. So look for Mondays entry and find out if I puuuss out or if I just end up riding around town with a big red P on my jersey.

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  1. No way in hell your "P" ing out! Unless the so called meteorologists have their head farther up their ass than normal and it stays hot as hell will we decide to bail. Pinky swear Marsha Clark?